No Jabra , No Sennheiser Only Plantronics is Best Choice for Business class

The world has evolved into a global village and in order to progress in business it is necessary to have audio devices which are highly functioning and ensure that the communications are carried out effectively and efficiently. With the passage of time the electronic devices are also getting better in quality and headsets available nowadays are very sophisticated assuring the users that the business communication will be achieved with complete efficiency. The headsets are manufactured by a large number of brands and each has their own pros and cons. Out of all these manufactures Plantronics is a very prominent name and successfully provides the users with amazing quality products. The reasons why Plantronics is better than its competitors are listed below:


Plantronics is a well-known name when it comes to headset industry and they have been successfully facilitating the users with their remarkable products for over 50 years. Plantronics was founded in 1961 by two brothers Courtney Graham and Keith Larkin in their small garage located in Santa Cruz, California. The humble beginnings turned out to be huge in some time and the first lightweight headsets were introduced into the market by Plantronics. The first man who walked on the moon also used a Plantronics headset in order to utter the following historic words from moon.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

Since then Plantronics products have been making it to the bestseller list and have been providing the customers which meet the quality standards and enable the users to carry out their work responsibilities with complete efficiency. The products of Plantronics provide the users with a perfect combination of innovation and quality and they have been adopting the latest technologies with time and their products are well equipped with advanced technologies.

With the introduction of wireless technology Plantronics also manufactured headsets which provide the users with wireless freedom and enable the users working in any kind of environment to ensure smooth and clear communications through the day. The Plantronics headsets are lightweight making it easier for users to wear them during the long office hours without feeling any kind of discomfort or exertion on head or shoulders. The Plantronics headsets are also ideal for carrying around while travelling as they are flexible, small sized and lightweight. The Plantronics headsets are also specifically designed to be used in customer care centers, stock exchange buildings and other such work places where call density is high and most of the work related activities include phonic conversations.

The wireless headsets manufactured by Plantronics have a long lasting battery time which makes it possible for users to carry out their daily work responsibilities without worrying about the battery running out in the middle of a conversation. Using Plantronics headsets definitely makes it better for the employees to carry out smooth and uninterrupted communications with their business colleagues present at other remote locations.

Versatile Catalog

The catalog of Plantronics contains a wide range of products making it easier for users belonging to all walks of life to choose their desired products. The products of Plantronics are divided into further subcategories so that it is easier for users to determine which products will fulfill their needs and requirements at workplace and enhance their productivity. The products available include wireless and corded headsets belonging to both the headphone and earphones categories. The headsets are also categorized under the category which is suitable for use in customer care centers and stock exchange buildings as these headsets are well-equipped with noise cancelling properties. These noise cancellation properties enable the users to carry out their communication smoothly without being interrupted or bothered by the disturbances caused by crowded backgrounds.

High Quality Products

The Plantronics products are never compromised on quality and that is why Plantronics has been around for so long since 1961 and their products are part of the bestseller list till now. The audio quality of the headsets by Plantronics is high definition which makes them a preferable choice among the pool of headsets available in the market. The noise cancelling properties of the Plantronics headsets is far more effective as compared to other noise cancelling headsets available in the market. The advance DECT technology is used in these Plantronics headsets which makes the sound quality better and ensures that the conversations are smooth and clear. The multiple microphones attached contribute towards the noise canceling properties and assure that the listener can listen to you clearly and accurately which avoids any loss of information and enhances productivity.

Service and Warranty

The services offered by Plantronics customer care center are really good and users can get quick fixes for their issues and concerns by calling at the help center of Plantronics. Warranty is also offered to the users on Plantronics products which make it highly recommended for users.


The compatibility of the products of Plantronics is really impressive and users can easily connect over 4,000 telephone sets using a simple and easy to use universal adapter and it does not take any long time to setup and is ready for use instantly.


The products of Plantronics are designed ergonomically so that it’s easier and convenient for users to wear them for long intervals of time without causing any health hazard or discomfort. Plantronics were the pioneers in introducing lightweight headsets and the headsets provided by Plantronics are easy to carry around and it is very convenient for users to carry along while travelling from one place to another. The headsets of Plantronics are also available in convertible designs and wearing styles which enable the users to choose any preferred style and enjoy seamless communications throughout the day.

Affordable Price Range

The headsets and headset systems by Plantronics are remarkable products which aid the users belonging to any profession in carrying out their daily work responsibilities smoothly and with ease. The most important factor users have in mind while looking for a headphone is its price. Plantronics assures the uses that they are able to buy high quality products which have a wide set of features on very reasonable and affordable price ranges.

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