Nursing Scheduling Software For Your Medical Staff

Nursing scheduling is an inevitable task in healthcare centers and can sometimes be a taxing job especially without the right tools. Shift managers go through a lot of pressure and feel stressed out when they lack an effective shift scheduling process. Having to manage quite a number of schedules, employee requests and assigns shifts which has to be done manually can be a difficult task to accomplish.

If you are looking to ease off the pressure and take off the burden from your shoulders, nursing scheduling software (See here) is one of the best ways to help resolve these complexities. The software can help you create an effective and efficient scheduling system while ensuring the smooth running of your day to day activities. Some of the scheduling strategies to make your work easier are listed below:

Shift-Based Scheduling

Shift based scheduling system makes it possible for shift managers to have more staffs should there be need for an emergency backup. Managers will be able to identify and assign the right person for the job. With shift based scheduling systems, patients get optimum care they deserve and admissions are handled more quickly and in a professional manner.

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Flexible, Staggered Shifts

This system offers shift managers the chance to schedule adequate number of staff required to carry out the day’s responsibility. This doesn’t necessarily mean having in detail the number of staff that will be on duty for a particular day but rather the number of hours each of them is expected to be on duty. Let say, as a shift manager you decide to schedule a group with 4 physicians and assigns 12 working hours to each of them, this means you already have a 48 hour day of fixed manpower. On the other hand, there are some days when you will need a little less or a little more hour hence resulting in changes to the number of hours each medical personnel is expected to work. Flexible, staggered shift scheduling system helps you schedule healthcare professionals on a rotating basis, which results into some doctors working more than their average hours and some less. There are days when the workload can be cumbersome, thus requiring the need for extra hands. On such occasions, all 4 physicians can stay few more hours to help handle the situation in an effective and competent manner.

Availability of staff

Nursing scheduling software offers a platform whereby staffs can easily communicate the most suitable time and shifts they prefer to work. With this scheduling option, shift managers can assign shifts for staff when they feel more convenient and relaxed to work. By so doing, there will be an increase in worker’s productivity level which in turn leads to improved customer service.

Accessible schedule

Regardless of the way you made the schedule, be it manually or through a nursing scheduling software, it is very important to make the schedule easily accessible for staffs. If it’s not within easy reach of your staff, they may likely forget the time they are to resume back to work. But with nurse scheduling software, staff won’t be left in the dark as to when they have their shifts for the day’s work. Without prior notifications about shift schedules and the possible alterations made, it may result into staff showing up to work late or having to miss work for the whole day.

Why use nursing scheduling software

Nothing can result into serious arguments among staff nurses in a particular department or unit than shift scheduling. Assigning shifts is one of the most difficult task for shift managers especially for the inexperienced ones and this leaves them wondering what they must have gotten themselves into upon facing this herculean task for the first time. Due to how stressful this new post might seem, some has taken up the decision to call it quit and go look for a less tasking job elsewhere.

Have you ever think that filling shifts shouldn’t be such a difficult task to accomplish? If so, you are absolutely right thinking this way because there is nursing scheduling software designed to make assign shifts and scheduling a whole lot easier. While nurse managers are saddled with the responsibility of having to work out the most effective scheduling criteria, there is just one issue they stand to contend with: having to deal with the vacant spaces in the schedules which needs to be filled quickly.

Nursing scheduling software is designed to make the process a lot easier and does all the cumbersome tasks when it comes to shifts, clinics and call rotations. With it at your disposal, you don’t have to start dealing with major problems associated with scheduling manually. Upon completion of the schedule, it can be published online so staff can view and have easy access to it wherever and whenever. nurses staffs can also request for shift swaps and it is left to you to either decide upon approving or denying their application. The software has make work easier, faster and more enjoyable when compared to the traditional method of scheduling.

One of the major roles of nurses shift managers is the ability to track and oversee the work hours assigned to each nurses. When scheduling and assigning shifts manually, there is every reason to take precaution so as not to leave any hole. But with nursing scheduling software, you have less to worry about as it helps guide you through the process of scheduling while ensuring you meet with the organizational standards and requirements. This saves you time, energy and minimizes the difficulties encountered in the process. Upon publication, nurses will be notified immediately through mobile notifications or email.

Some other benefits include

  • Create fair schedules
  • Minimizes missed shifts and scheduling errors
  • Track changes easily
  • Creates schedules fast and easy
  • Enhances your thinking ability since you don’t have to worry much about scheduling
  • Increases communication
  • Improved customer service
  • Easy duty hour reporting, and much more


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