Plagiarism is a robbery: Ways to come out from this burglary zone

Plagiarism is no doubt a larceny, it is a burglary and it is just similar to the act of robbery. It is a dirty act which can leave any of the victims in a complete panic zone and without a doubt in hot water as well.

Do you know about the legal and ethical terrible outcomes and moral repercussions when you are going to steal other intellectual property, a heavy penalty is handed over to that person by Google. Copying the other person’s writings means your content is falling right under the umbrella of plagiarism.

So how can you come out from this burglary zone? How can you create an original content? There are high-yielding and inventive plagiarism comparison tools and they correctly check the authenticity of your data.

Always Paraphrase Correctly

  • You have to paraphrase your writings correctly. Most of the content writers, they receive the collective amount of experience while doing an internet research. But they fail to figure out this concept that how paraphrasing can be done so that their content stands out distinctive.
  • Few of the content writers, just for the sake of saving time, they opt few of the unprofessional and questionable habits and this style delays their SEO success. They just add few of the words in between the researched content. This practice can easily be detected by Google algorithm.
  • If your article and the previously written article will have 5 to 7 words common in them then Google will score and rank the previous article only and your article will be included in the duplicate text category.

How to use the correct paraphrasing technique?

You should use distinctive words while you are paraphrasing. Creating an element of individuality in your content is not about playing and moving words back and forth. You should start every sentence of yours writing piece from the scratch.

Never Duplicate Any Article Structure

  • Though text comparison tools will tell you the percentage of your copied content, but manually you have to check that whether you have copied the structure of any article or not!
  • The limit of plagiarism is not restricted to copying content only. Even if you are going to duplicate the structure of any article, that comes in plagiarism category as well. In the case of internet content writing, the element of originality is absolutely and always crucial. This is important to stay away from the penalty by search engines and also to keep your website individuality.

Always Check The Amount of Plagiarism of Your Article

  • There are many text compare tools, so before you forward the final writing piece of yours to your boss or publish it on your website, pass it through these online tools.
  • These tools correctly determine and take out the correct percentage of your written duplicate content. Lines get highlighted by these tools from which sources and links you have copied from a specific content.

Coming up with Original Ideas

  • To come up with an effective content, originality is an important aspect. If your article is written in a sound and interesting way, then more traffic will come to your site. The availability of original content will entice maximum readers to return to your site and source again and again.
  • A plagiarized article will only make your site frequently boring and also unattractive in the eyes of your potential customers. Whenever you start to write any piece of content, come up with crisp and new ideas and avoid taking too many ideas from other sources.

Different Plagiarism forms- serious violations according to Google

Copying or duplicating a content is a serious violation in the eyes of SEO. This robbery has many types so far this burglary kind has taken many of the shapes. Below are different plagiarized forms which are heavily used by unprofessional and unprincipled people who are in the routine habit of making shortcuts:

  1. Complete Plagiarism: It is the severe and frightful case of plagiarism. Before you become the part of this horrible crime, check your content from diff checker tools. In this robbery, a researcher usually takes the manuscript of someone else's writing and submits that study paper on his own name. This is called intellectual theft.

This is the stealing of academic property. This is called direct plagiarism too. Black-hat unprofessional people, they usually copy every single word of the transcription which is taken from someone else’s work and they do so without the use of quotation marks and without acknowledging that writer. This is the deliberate form of plagiarism. It is unethical and an academically dishonest and corrupt behavior.

  1. Self-Plagiarism or auto-plagiarism or duplication: This form of plagiarism occurs when your copy your own previous writing or mix up your current writing and previously written content. This is called auto-plagiarism or duplication. This happens when you are going to reuse some of the significant portions and sections of your previously published content without giving any ascription.
  2. Mosaic Plagiarism or patch-writing: This cheating happens when you borrow the phrases from any source and does not use any of the quotation marks to acknowledge them. Some writers just add synonyms in that author written piece and keep the structure as it is same and exact. This “patch-writing,” is academically dishonest and also punishable.

Other Risky Plagiarizing Shapes

Below are more gruesome and revolting shapes of plagiarism which can only give you nasty and terrible results in SEO ranking.

Paraphrasing plagiarism:  This is the common form of plagiarism when a writer makes few of the minor changes in someone else’s writing. In this writing, the original idea just remains the same and still plagiarism gets identified in your document.

Accidental Plagiarism: This accidental plagiarism happens when a writer forgets to cite the sources or he misrepresents the sources. This plagiarism also occurs when you unintentionally and coincidentally paraphrase a writing piece by using the almost similar range and pattern of words or sentence structure. This accidental behavior will not keep you away from the Google penalty phase.

To compare text, rich tools have come up which check your content plagiarized side in seconds. So before you think that that it is alright to copy even a single line from other published writings, think about the consequences and frightful results beforehand.

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