Plantronics Accessories Buying Guide For Business Class

Plantronics is a known name in providing the users with high quality headsets and accessories since 1961 .The products manufactured by Plantronics are quality assured and their performance makes them highly recommended for users of all types in order to enhance their work related communications as well as entertainment. The headset accessories provided by Plantronics are listed below:

1.      Voyager 3200 Charge Case

This voyager 3200 charging case is an accessory which helps in recharging the battery of Plantronics Voyager 3200 Bluetooth headsets and is compatible to voyager 3200 only. This case can be carried around along with the user so that no important communications are interrupted due to battery running out and aid the users in carrying out their work responsibilities.

2.      Vista M22

Vista is a device which is used to connect to office phone which do not have the functionality of a direct connection. This office accessory is very useful and enables the employees to connect headset of their choice in order to function efficiently. This device is responsible for amplifying the sound in addition to enhancing the audio quality of the voice and makes all headsets compatible with the office phones.

3.      Vista Plus AP15

This headset accessory is extremely helpful in enhancing the audio quality of the sound and making your work related conversations more effective and efficient. The Advance audio DSP technology accessory is well equipped with multiband compression and is responsible for reduction of noise and echo so that the audio is transferred clearly and the performance of employees is enhanced which results in increased productivity.

4.      DA Series

The USB based audio connecter is an extremely useful accessory which facilitates the uses in carrying out their daily work responsibilities. It helps the users to remotely manage and monitor multiple audio devices connected to this device. The conversations carried out through this amazing device are crystal clear and enables the users to understand each other without any disturbances. The QD (Quick Disconnect) functionality of these headset accessories provides walkaway convenience for headsets which have QD feature.

5.      Voyager Legend Desktop Charge Stand

The charging station is compatible with Voyager Legend and provides the users with an easy to reach charging stand. The charging stand can be carried around and can be kept on the desk so that the users can charge their headsets instantly without any delay.

6.      Standard micro USB charging cable

The standard micro USB charging cable is 3 foot long and this cable is ideal for recharging the headsets by connecting it to the laptops USB port. This amazing headset accessory is completely compatible with Plantronics modular AC wall charger.

7.      Voyager Legend Charge Case

The Voyager legend Bluetooth wireless headset can be kept safe and easy to carry around while moving through this voyager legend charging case. This is a perfect headset accessory which ensures that your headset device is stored, protected and recharged. This charging can recharge the battery of Plantronics voyager legend twice for a talk time of up to 14 hours and provides the users with an additional talk time of 21 hours which helps the users to carry out their daily work responsibilities with complete efficiency without being interrupted due to low battery.

8.      Voyager Focus UC Carrying Case

The carrying case for Plantronics Voyager Focus UC is an amazing durable case made up of neoprene zippered material and helps the users in carrying the headset safely while travelling.

9.      BT300

This headset accessory is a Bluetooth USB adapter which enables the users to connect a large variety of devices to you Plantronics headsets and increase the connectivity of your office phone, laptop, pc or any other device. These devices are very small in size and can be kept connected to the pc so that it can be used instantly when connectivity is required.

10. Voyager 5200 Charge Case

The charging case for voyager 5200 is an amazing accessory which is compatible with Plantronics voyager 5200 only  ad provides the users with an extra charging for 14 hours and enable the users to carry out their daily work responsibilities with efficiency without being interrupted by battery running out.

11. A10-16 Direct Connect Cable

The Plantronics A10-16 Direct Connect Cable is an amazing headset accessory which aids the users by providing direct connection and also enhances the sound quality which helps the users in enjoying high quality audio and enables them to carry out efficient communications. This cable also provides superior reliability to the users and makes them more productive in their daily work responsibilities.

12. HIS Adapter Cable

This high quality HIS adapter cables allows the users to connect corded headsets directly to Avaya phones which enhances the compatibility of your headsets and users can carry out their call related work responsibilities with ease. The QD (Quick Disconnect) functionality of the cord allows the users to disconnect the headsets without losing the connectivity of the call and enables them to enjoy seamless communications throughout the working hours. This connecting cable can be used along with headsets which support wideband audio and enhances their performance as a result of which users can enjoy perfect communication and work efficiently.

13. APS-1

This electronic hook switch enables the users of Plantronics headsets to communicate electronically with the phone and helps the users in connecting their desired headsets to the office phone. This headset accessory is extremely helpful in cases when the headsets is not directly compatible with the office phone and this accessory can be used as a bride between the two devices without having any negative effect on the quality of the conversations.

14. HL10 Lifter

This headset lifter is also an amazing accessory for Plantronics headset users and enables the users to keep their headsets secured at one place when they are not being used. This mall and compact headset lifter is an ideal headset accessory for Plantronics headset belonging to CS500 series. The lifter fits on your office phone and enables the users to manage calls with a single touch enhancing the convenience of the user.

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