Plantronics Best Headsets for PC and Laptops

Have you been looking for a headset that would work well with your PC or laptop? Plantronics is a dependable brand that offers numerous options to the user for headsets that work well with PCs and laptops. As a company, Plantronics offers reliable headsets that work well with computers that have different sets of configurations. If you buy a Plantronics headset, you would not have to replace it

The best headsets for PC and laptops by Plantronics are listed below


If you talk about the Plantronics best headset for laptops and desktops, Encorepro 710 is a suitable headset. This device is recommended for internet calls as it offers impressive audio quality. As the device is light weighted, you can easily carry on with lengthy calls without exerting any stress on your neck or back. Noise cancellation is one of the many advantages that this device offers to its users. If you are using the Encorepro 710, you would not get perturbed due to environmental noises.


This is a monaural headset that is equipped with soundguard technology and it provides complete protection against sound spikes. It is recommended for customer support professionals and they can use it without fearing about any sudden change in sound frequencies. Along with that, the encore 510 has a state of the art noise cancellation feature. Thus, customer support personnel can concentrate on important conversations with their clients without getting disturbed by any forms of noises in the environment. It is an ideal headset for desktops and laptops.


The Encore 520 is a binaural version of 510 with similar features. It has a proper noise cancellation feature which puts an end to disturbances by background sounds. The device is lightweight and does not exert any kind of burden on the head or shoulder. Users of the Encorepro 520 can simply forget about getting affected by sudden sound spikes. This headset has soundguard technology which provides complete protection against these spikes and prevents the ear from getting damaged,


This is a surely one of the Plantronics best headset and works extremely well with both desktops and headsets. The headset is stylish and slim with an attractive appearance. One of the key benefits of this hearing device is that it is extremely comfortable to wear. It has soft inner padding made of leather. This padding turns the feeling of wearing this headset into a heavenly experience. The Encore 720 has effective sound guard technology which protects the human ear against spikes and rapid changes in the sound frequencies.


This is a lightweight headset which is worn using the “on the ear” style. It is one of the headsets commonly used by contact center professionals. As it is worn using the “on the ear style”, users get less tired while wearing it as compared to the other headsets. The Encorepro 530 has noise cancellation quality which blocks all kinds of noises and backgrounds in the environment. This feature helps customer support professionals in communicating with their customers without any kind of disturbance.


The Encore 540 is a quality lightweight headset that provides complete protection against background sounds. It is a recommended option for people who are a part of the customer support industry. These professionals need to concentrate on their communication with their customers and the noise cancellation feature helps with it. Along with that, this headset comes with 3 wearing styles and allows the user to choose one according to his suitability. if you are someone working as a customer support professional, this is one headset which would prove to be suitable for you.


The Black Wire 215 is a lightweight headset that has inline controls so that the user can use them easily to make volume adjustments and answer calls as well. Call center professionals do not find it hard to wear this device for long hours as it is comfortable and does not have a lot of weight as well.


The Blackwire 725 has a number of key advantages to offer to the user. One of them is the comfort that this headset offers. As the hearing device has a soft padding on the speakers, the user can easily wear them without even getting slightly tired. It allows the user to connect the headset to a phone as well as a computer simultaneously.

Noise cancellation is a mandatory requirement when you are seeking a good headset for work. It is very hard to concentrate on your professional tasks when you are getting affected by sounds in the background. The Blackwire 725 can be counted one of the Plantronics best headsets.

There is another key benefit which is offered by this headset to its customers. The Blackwire 725 has smart sensor technology. This helps the user in taking calls without pressing any button. Once the user puts the headset on, the smart sensors are activated and the user can answer calls without pressing any button.

For customer support professionals, audio quality is undoubtedly an important parameter. If the audio quality is not up to the mark, it becomes very hard to listen to what the customer is saying. However, the standard of audio quality offered by the Blackwire 725 is far better than a lot of other headsets. In other words, customers support professionals do not face any clarity problems when they are having a conversation with their customers.


If you talk about the Plantronics best headset, you would find the Blackwire 710 among the top rated options.  The headset is light weighted and recommended for working professionals who need to wear their device for long durations at work. Particularly, when you talk about customer support professionals, they wear their headsets for long shifts at work. Hence, they opt for headsets that provide a high level of comfort. The Blackwire 710 is highly suitable for people who work as customer support agents.

The headsets come with a smart sensor technology that helps you in answering calls as soon as you put the headset one. In other words, you do not have to press any button to answer the call. Similarly, if you are on a call and you take your headset off, the call would be paused automatically. This proves to be a helpful feature when you have a tiring schedule. When people have an exhaustive work schedule, they find it hard to search for buttons to answer calls. Thus, a headset with smart sensors makes life easy for them.

The Blackwire 710 offers a very impressive sound quality. This simply means that your calls would not get disturbed due to distortions. It is recommended for customer support personnel due to a number of reasons and one of them is the quality of sound that it has. As a customer support professional, you would not face any hardships in hearing the voice of your client if you have a Blackwire


It is hard to find a headset which is more suitable than Blackwire 315 for desktop and laptop workstations. The headset has everything that users look for. First of all, the headset is light weighted and you can carry it on your head for the entire day at work without any apprehensions.

The audio quality that this headset has cannot be compared to the standard audio quality provided by other headsets. For instance, if you are using this headset as a client support executive, you would be able to hear the sound of your customer with 100% clarity. For customer support professionals, it is important that they can hear the voice of their clients without any disturbance.

Sound guard technology is essential for headsets used for wireless communication. If a headset is used without this facility, your ear may get damaged due to sound spikes. However, if you are using the Blackwire 315 for handling your calls, you do not even have to think about your ear getting damaged as this headset comes with sound guard technology. This feature helps in preventing spikes and keeps the sound frequency below a certain limit.

Even if your headset is light weighted, you cannot wear the device if it is not light weighted. Users of Blackwire 315 do not have to face any issues as this headset comes with soft leather padding on the speakers. Thus, even if you wear the headset for more than one day, you can forget about getting tired.

Using a headset by a reputed brand is an important point and you should consider it while you are seeking headset options.  You may get an unbranded headset for half the price but it would give you junk in terms of quality. Plantronics is a highly experienced headset company that believes in developing the best headsets for the users in terms of quality.


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