If you talk about companies that have made a mark in terms of selling quality wireless headsets, you will find Plantronics among the top-rated companies. The company has been providing quality headsets for a long time. The CS 510 and CS540 are two of the top-rated wireless headsets. If a comparative analysis is performed, both headsets have their own benefits. Here are some of the key areas on the basis of which these two amazing hearing devices can be compared.

Talk time offered:

If you are looking for a good Plantronics wireless headset, the talk time which it offers should definitely be an important parameter for your decision. Both CS 510 and CS 540 offer healthy talk time. However, CS 510 is a better option as it offers a continuous talk time of 9 hours while the CS540 offers a talk time of 7 hours. Thus, in terms of talk time, the Plantronics CS510 proves to be a better option. Along with that, both these headsets have energy efficient systems. In other words, power is saved in an effective manner when the headset is not being used.

Bluetooth connectivity and range:

Both headsets have similar features for Bluetooth connectivity and range. The CS 510 as well as the CS540 have a range of 350 feet and offer quality Bluetooth options.

Wi-Fi interference prevention:

There is no doubt that WiFi- interference's can reduce call quality on a major scale. The users of CS 510 and CS540 do not have to worry about this issue in any manner. Both these headsets are equipped with DECT technology. This simply means that all kinds of WiFi interferences are blocked automatically.

Noise Cancellation ability

When a user is using the wireless headset, he would most likely change his position while communicating. For instance, if you are on a conference call, you may go away from your desk down towards your hallway. In other words, your environment would change.

This is where noise cancellation features come in handy as you can block the sounds in your background and focus comfortably on your call. Both CS 510 and CS540 have quality noise cancellation features. Users do not have to be apprehensive about how noisy their environment is as all kinds of background sounds can be blocked.

Comfort and grip:

Choosing a headset which is not comfortable is a nightmare even if you are getting it for free. Thus, be sure that you are picking a headset which is good to wear and does not have any kind of comfort issues. Both CS 540 and CS 510 are highly comfortable and can be worn using three different styles.

Users can choose from the over the ear design, in-ear design and over the head design according to their preferences. Plantronics designs the most comfortable hearing devices for its users. Whether you are selecting them for using at home or at work, you would not have any issues related to the comfort of the devices. Both these heads have a padding of soft leather on the speakers. Thus, you can forget any form of each pain or neck aches.

Lightly weighted devices:

A user does not have a pleasant experience when the headset he is wearing is bulky and has weight. Both CS510 and CS540 are lightweight headsets. This simply means that you would not have any headaches or neck related issues even if you wear the device for the entire day. The appearance is sleek and users of both these headsets do not have the feeling that they are wearing large sized hearing devices.

Authentic Company Warranty:

While purchasing a headset, users simply ignore the factor of company warranty? This is not wise thinking. When you have a company warranty, you can get your device or repair if a problem is there.

On the other hand, when you but a headset without a warranty, you may save money initially but you would have to bear all expenses if the device has any kind of fault. Plantronics provides authentic company warranty on all its devices including CS 510 and CS 540. The user does not have to worry about anything if the headset is faulty in any manner.

Official Usage:

In terms of official usage, both these headsets can be used for various official purposes. Customer support professionals in particular use CS 510 and CS 540. Along with that, the top managers use these wireless hearing devices to conduct meeting sessions with their team members.

As these sets are light weighted, wireless and have Bluetooth connectivity options, they offer a lot of compatibility to the user. Call center professionals, in particular, opt for these Plantronics headsets as they can be worn for long hours without any issue. Other than that, CS540 is also preferred as it comes with a handset lifter. This allows customer support professionals to entertain customer calls without physically lifting the receiver. 

Overall Comparison:

Both CS 510 and CS540 are highly successful wireless headsets by Plantronics and have the latest features which a quality hearing device should have. However, the decision of which one is better depends on what your priorities are. For some people who look for a longer talk time, CS 510 proves to be a better option. Similarly, if you want to buy a device that has a better design and appearance, you would opt for CS 540.

In terms of controls, the CS540 and CS 510 have simple and easy to use controls. The user is not expected to handle several controls at a time. Both headsets have two main buttons. One of them is used to take or decline calls. Similarly, another button is provided for volume adjustment purposes.
On an overall scale, both these headsets prove are recommended for use at an office as well as home. They are quality devices which provide impressive call reception quality, sound level and various other advantages to the user.

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