Plantronics CS510: Why It is Super Wireless Headset For Office Use

Selecting a headset for personal purposes is very different from selecting one for work. At work, the performance of an employee is affected both negatively and positively by the standard of headset used. For instance, a customer support professional would not be able to hear the customer and respond to his problem if his headset does not offer high standard sound quality. Similarly, if a hearing device is heavy and hard to wear, an employee would get irritated and his concentration would slip. In other words, his professional performance would be affected adversely. Plantronics offers wireless headsets that meet the corporate requirements of today. One of the wireless headsets recommended and suitable for office is the Plantronics CS 510. This headset is successful for official use due to a number of reasons.

Very comfortable to wear

Even the smartest employee cannot produce results if his hearing device is not comfortable. For instance, some low cost headsets do not have any inner padding on the speakers. These headsets prove to be very damaging for the year. CS 510 is a quality headset by a reputed brand and it provides immense comfort to the customer. The headset is light weighted and has proper padding on the speakers. This allows employees to work with a relaxed posture. Other than that, the grip of this headset is amazing. You do not have to worry about the headset coming off you change your posture or get up from the seat.

Noise Cancellation Facility

Normally, a work environment is not 100% noise free. Background sounds can surely cause concentration issues. Particularly, customer support professionals have a lot of noise in their environment. Thus, a noise cancellation feature is important for them. The CS510 is a quality headset with a dependable noise cancellation feature. This simply means that you can work comfortably irrespective of the noises in your background. The noise cancellation feature puts an end to all kinds of background sounds.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the key reasons of buying a wireless headset is to be able to communicate being away from your desk. The CS510 offers a comfortable option to the users to move about and talk at the same time. This headset has a Bluetooth range of 350 feet. This is a good alternative if you want to attend conference calls while being away from the desk or take part in a virtual training session. Along with the range, the quality of connectivity offered is quite impressive. The CS510 aims at providing high quality wireless communication to the user.

Battery standby time and charging issues

When you are work, you would not have the time to recharge your headset after short durations. Hence, when you are buying a wireless headset, make sure that it has a good battery standby time.  In case of CS510, you would not be disappointed after purchasing it.  This is simply because the CS510 has an amazing talking time of 9 hours. In other words, you can talk for almost the entire working shift without even thinking about recharging the device.  Along with that, you do not need long hours to recharge the device.

DECT 6.0 to prevent interference from Wi-Fi connections

There is no doubt that external wifi interference can harm call quality. At work, you need headset that blocks these interferences. The CS510 does have the DECT 6.0 feature which blocks all kinds of interferences from wi-fi connections. In other words, DECT technology prevents important calls at work from getting dropped.

Sound quality

There is no doubt that branded headsets cost more than unbranded ones. However, branded headsets offer various advantages which unbranded headsets do not. One of them is the quality of sound. For instance users of CS510 do not have to face any difficulty while communicating using this headset. The sound is crystal clear and the user does not have to face any form of distortion as well.

Benefit of Lifter

One advantage which the CS 510 offers is that it comes along with a lifter. This simply means that the user does not have to touch the phone to take his calls. This can be done by pressing a button. This button puts the receiver off the hook. Similarly, once the call has been completed, the same button can be used to put the receiver back in its place. This is a very helpful option if you have a busy schedule at work. Similarly, if you are a part of the customer support industry, you would not have the time to leave everything aside and take your call. Call center professionals need to communicate with their customers the entire day. Along with their call, they are also required do a lot of typing work. Thus, they cannot hold on to the receiver every now and then. A headset with a lifter proves to be very advantageous for them.

Strong grip and stable design

The worst thing that can happen with your headset is the grip loosening.  A lose grip simply means that the device would fall off your head. The CS510 has a sleek design and very stable grip as well.  Whether you sit in the conventional straight back position or in a relaxed posture while taking your calls, the headset would not come off your head in any manner.

Plantronics is a reputed company that considers all the modern day requirements that the employees have these days. Whether you talk about comfort, standby time, durability, sound quality or wireless connectivity, the CS510 covers every angle. It can be termed as a headset which is preferred by employees on a global scale. Even with so many features being offered, the cost charged for this headset is quite affordable. This headset does not have a complicated control system. For instance, the user can take or reject calls by using a single button and he does not have to understand a difficult set of commands. Similarly, he can adjust the volume by using a single button as well.

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