Plantronics Traveler Legend Bluetooth Receiver Ideal for Small Business Runners

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With the passage of your time, individuals are heading towards such headsets that have the Bluetooth technology. There was a time once individuals pet the twilled headsets, however, currently, the tables have turned. it's not very easy to handle and upset the massive cords of the headphones.

individuals with such headphones currently that may be connected to any of their devices in a very short time and doesn't have cords. For this reason, the recognition of Bluetooth headphones is increasing. one amongst these receivers is that the Plantronics traveler Legend Bluetooth headset.

It is a tremendous phone that's an honest choice to connect together with your Smartphone whereas you're prepared, to drive or doing alternative tasks. Your hands are going to be utterly free, therefore you'd be able to perform totally different tasks proficiently whereas staying on decision or listening music.

Plantronics could be a well-reputed company that's creating and providing an outsized variety of electronic product for many years. every product offered by Plantronics is totally tested and created from high materials.

The company is thought to supply high-quality product at cheap worth. The Plantronics traveler receiver is one amongst the most effective Bluetooth headsets gift within the market. This product comes up with totally different package contents that are following:

  •    AC adapter
  •    Proprietary magnetic charging cable (9 inches)
  •    Three sizes of siloxane ear tips
  •    Updater sheet (how to update firmware)
  •    one year restricted assurance sheet
  •    Accessories advertising sheet
  •    Two foam ear tip covers
  •    Safety guide
  •    Additional receiver info
  •    A thumb drive with PR shots
  •    Get Started guide

Design & Quality

Plantronics traveler Legend receiver isn't a really tiny receiver, however, is definitely modern and stylish in style. it's been made up of a really fine, versatile moreover as the snug rubber material. This rubber incorporates rigid black plastic control board moreover stainless-steel screen that covers up the pole.

The pole consists of 3 microphones with the DSP technology. Digital Signal process is thought as a noise canceling technology.

This phone has been protected from any harm with the assistance of P2i technology. It may handle wetness, heat, and rain with the help of this technology. P2i technology is that the nano-coating that's applied throughout the producing procedure. It ends up in undetectable liquid repulsive properties that create the phone dependable and sturdy.

The ear tip is nothing, however, a transparent siloxane material that comes in 3 normal sizes. to change it, you merely ought to push in and rotate the phone counterclockwise to get rid of it. After that, you'll be able to align the well-liked size tip with the slots moreover as rotate clockwise once you are pushing in to lock it in position.

This phone will likewise be worn either on the ear by pivoting the mouthpiece boom up to a vertical plane, turning the electro-acoustic transducer to the alternative facet, finally transferral down the boom into the correct place. settled on the part of the phone that matches behind your ear is that the button of Volume Up and Down, LED charging standing light-weight, the button power, and restrictive engaging charging affiliation. you'll be able to simply see a decision button settled at the bottom of the pole and electro-acoustic transducer.

The base of the phone demonstrates the Voice/Play/Pause/Mute button. The charging cable could be a bit short long because it is nine inches solely. what is additional, since this can be AN exclusive cable with the capability to beautifully clasp onto the phone to charge, have to be compelled to|you must} pay more money than you'd on a tiny low USB cable once commutation it on the off likelihood that you simply ought to do.


When your ab initio get this Bluetooth receiver, it'll have the spare charge for the update of computer code and try it. the first endeavor is to update the computer code if essential by linking the phone to your laptop.

You have to go to the link computer, choose this receiver, transfer the updater, change the headset's settings to be perused, modification any of the headset's settings, at that time click refresh. you'll be able to modify the concomitant receiver settings:

  •    mute reminder (15 minutes/5 minutes/off)
  •    the language
  •    the voice caller announcement (on/off)
  •    mute prompt (yes/no)
  •    smart sensors that change you to answer the decision through the phone (on/off)
  •    voice answer (yes/no)
  •    streaming audio (yes/no)
  •     broadband sound
  •    High Definition voice (yes/no)

This phone is extremely straightforward and easy to meet up with any device. once the primary time you'll activate this phone then it'll be able to try up, and also the LED light-weight of blue color is going to be flashing. So, all you wish to try to is to make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is On and is visible to alternative devices.

When you can realize and select the phone because the “PLT_Legend”, then you are doing not ought to add any passcode. once your phone is paired up, then you'll be able to hear a sound “Pairing successful” from Plantronics traveler Legend.

When you are pairing up an additional phone, then you'll be able to either press Voice button or simply press and hold the decision button. you'll be able to go while not abundant of a stretch try up 2 phones with the Plantronics traveler Legend and may answer the decision from any of them.


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This phone is snug to wear in the slightest degree times. it's quite light-weight in weight. you only ought to realize the correct ear tip to use and so cool it with the froth. The ability of the arm that goes at the rear your ear makes adjusting and sporting the phone straightforward.

Bluetooth Very

The vary of Bluetooth is regarding thirty-three feet once it's connected to 2 phones at a time. it's an honest vary. If you go too far from your phone, then you'll be able to hear AN alert that “Phone is disconnected.” However, it'll reconnect simply once you come into the variable.

Call Quality

The call quality is simply wonderful. The sound Digital Signal Processor (DSP) functioned praiseworthily counteracts with the background sounds. If you're sporting it on a windy day, then you'd not be able to hear any whistling sounds in the background.

If you wish to listen to music, then you'll be able to pair without concern regarding the ground noise. Also, once you are in the decision then all the noises are going to be canceled of your background, and also the alternative person on the decision might hear you.

Call & Voice Button

Image result for Plantronics Traveler Legend Call & Voice Button

When you need to finish up a decision, then you've got to press the decision button. There aren't any voice commands and no choice to take away the phone to hold up. If you are attempting to get rid of the phone, then it'll transfer the decision to your Smartphone directly.

It sounds quite louder to the opposite person on a decision, therefore you are doing not ought to speak loudly. In clattery environments, it'll profit you a great deal by clearing up all the background noises.

To mute the decision, you merely ought to press the Voice button on the lowest of the pole. there's additionally a mute notification that may tell you that the Mute is on.

Battery Life

The battery life is extremely sensitive as compared to alternative Bluetooth headsets offered by totally different brands. The battery life is regarding seven hours once the phone is totally charged. Those people United Nations agency use it in their geographical point will create the foremost of it because it works for seven hours that's spare. Not simply that, it's a standby time of regarding eleven days. However, the additional you'll use this phone then the less standby time you'll have.

Mono Bluetooth Receiver

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It is quite capable of enjoying moreover as pause the streaming music. you'd solely press and hold the Voice button for regarding a pair of seconds. Also, you'll be able to try this by setting the phone down and choose it up once more.

On the opposite hand, Plantronics traveler Legend could be a mono Bluetooth receiver. thanks to this reason, you'd have AN amazing and exciting expertise of taking note of music.

Last Words

The Plantronics traveler receiver is a colossal hit within the marketplace. it's extremely suggested due to its amazing decision quality. people who ought to choose calls in clattery environments will create the foremost of it thanks to its voice audio quality. On the opposite hand, it's a small amount pricey than the opposite headphones.

It has an honest speak time and straightforward to attach. it's terribly straightforward to administer voice commands. you'll be able to simply answer the decision just by exploitation this receiver. the sole drawback of this phone is its short charging cable.

If you lose the charging cable, then you can't charge the phone for the other small USB charging cables. you'd solely have an option to purchase the first traveler receiver charging cable.

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When you are abroad you may definitely need a Bluetooth headset. But what's also important is local area codes. Without knowing them you won't be able to make calls. When I was in Greece I used this site to find its local codes.


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