Plantronics VS Jabra: Which is the Most Trusted Brand when it comes to headsets?

With the passage of time the world has evolved into a global village and people from all around the world need to interact with each other frequently. In order to be successful and be aware of all the latest developments taking place around the world. In order to ensure that the communications carried out between people belonging to various parts of the world are smooth and interruption free, Users must be well equipped with high quality equipment which aids them in carrying out their daily work responsibilities.

With the advancement in technology a lot of devices have been developed which are designed especially for the purpose of aiding the professionals in carrying out their work responsibilities effectively and efficiently. A large variety of softphones, Avaya phones, headsets, high functioning cables and other such additional devices have been manufactured and introduced in the market so that it becomes easier for user working in a professional environment and enhance the productivity of the employees. The increased productivity leads to an increase in the success and profit of the organization.

A vital factor which plays a very important role in assuring that the communications carried out in a professional environment are smooth, clear and uninterrupted is a highly functional and efficient working headset. A good headset enables the users to carry out crystal clear communications and makes sure that the transference of information smooth. Headsets are available in lots of shapes and sizes as well as a variety of wearing styles which can be chosen according to the personal preference and comfort of the user. Headsets are also available in binaural, monaural or ear buds and user can choose any of these depending upon the workplace environment.

The major types of headsets are corded and wireless headsets which have both their advantages and disadvantages based on the demands of the type of the user. Wireless and corded headsets have a variety of subtypes including Bluetooth headsets, stereo headsets, ANC headsets etc. While searching for suitable headsets for their professional environments, entertainment purposes or domestic use the users come across a superfluity of headset brands available in the market under a large number of categories. The ideal headsets mostly depends upon the need and personal preference of the user as well as the type of headsets required in order to carry out the task at hand ,the wearing style and the budget available in order to buy the desired device.

In order to make sure that the audio quality of the headset you intend to buy is according the standard it must be kept in mind that the price of any product equals quality so the more expensive a headset is the better its quality will be. But due to the competitive market of headsets a lot of headset companies are introduced high quality products in the market. It must be kept in mind that higher the allowed frequency range of the headsets the better their audio quality will be. In order to that the noise canceling properties must also be kept in mind so that the noisy or crowded office environment does not affect the performance of the employees.

The well-known headphones, earbuds and headset systems brands include Jabra, Plantronics, Sony, Apple, Sennheiser, Bose, etc. and users can choose from any of these high quality brands according to their desired features and available budget. The comparison between two major headset brands Jabra and Plantronics is mentioned below:


Plantronics Inc. came into existence in 1960 and has been making its mark in headsets industry since long in providing the customers with high quality communicating accessories. During the early days of Plantronics they were focused on developing lightweight headsets which proved to be very useful for airlines and headsets are a necessary part of the airlines as they help the users in communications by minimizing the noise produced by airplane engines. The products of Plantronics were also used by NASA when the first man landed on the moon.

With the passage of time Plantronics headsets have evolved and they have adopted all the high end quality features which are required by professional in order to function efficiently in their work places. Nowadays the catalogue of Plantronics is well equipped with a wide range of wired and wireless headsets which can be used along with their computers, laptops, softphones, Avaya phones, cell phones and other devices which are part of the professional environments.

Plantronics headsets are normally lightweight headsets which are available in reasonable prices affordable for most of the customers which makes them a preferred choice for users of all types. The audio quality and the flexible design of Plantronics headsets also make them extraordinary in performance and capability of the headsets. The Plantronics headsets because of the wideband audio and effective noise canceling properties make them one of the top competitors of the best sellers. The headsets systems designed by Plantronics provide the professional working in a customer care center or other high call volume offices with a complete package containing a headset, a base and a microphone.


Jabra is also a known brand in headsets industry and has been providing users with high quality and efficient working since decades and their huge catalogue contains headsets belonging to all the major categories .The Bluetooth headsets provided by Jabra are especially famous among professionals working on the go as the range of these headsets is quite good and being away from the base does not affect the audio quality and ensures that the communications are carried out smoothly and efficiently.

The headsets by Jabra are lightweight and portable and users can comfortably wear them for longer intervals of time without feeling any discomfort. Jabra has also introduced special edition of sports headsets which prove to be very convenient for people who want to listen to music while playing sports or during a workout session. The prices of Jabra headsets are relatively higher as compared to Plantronics but the battery time of Jabra headsets is longer as compared to Plantronics headsets.

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Comment by Go Headsets on April 25, 2018 at 1:41pm

We have wide range of Bluetooth, Wireless, Office and Gaming headsets of Plantronics, Jabra Biz Headsets, Sennheiser and many other famous brands.

Comment by Go Headsets on April 25, 2018 at 2:04pm

We have wide range of Bluetooth, Wireless, Office and Gaming headsets of Plantronics, Jabra Biz Headsets, Sennheiser and many other famous brands.


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