Breaking down the press release process can be easy as 1-2-3, quite literally! In this article we’ll look at the numbers behind the art of the press release.

1 Interesting Subject

While this means you need to make sure what you’re writing about is definitely newsworthy and actually worth reading in the newspaper, it also means you should focus your press release on one subject. Don’t cram as many subjects into one paper as you can; if the major news coming out of your company is your new product, stick to talking about that! If, say, your business is giving to charity, too, send out a totally separate press release.

1 Catchy Headline

No ifs, ands, or buts on this one. No catchy headline, no making it into your local newspaper, which means no sales! Go for a minimalist approach for your headline, whittling it down until the bare minimum of words gets across the most amount of information.

2 Sentences Max in Leading Paragraph

Try our best to make your opening paragraph one sentence, but I’ve seen some that have two sentences that work just as well. Some super rare instances you’ll be forced to have three, but absolute no more! The leading paragraph has to be such an attention grabber that it almost physically thrusts the reader down the press release to learn more. 

3 Paragraphs at Minimum

While you don’t want your press release to be some epic tome, you also can’t have it be a super tiny blurb. Three paragraphs, about three sentences each. Write it in inverted pyramid style, so the really relevant information goes up top (who, what, why, etc.) and the less important stuff is at the bottom.

1 Quote

Have at least one solid, relevant quote to accentuate your point. Even including just one great quote can make readers really buy into whatever it is you’re selling. Find the leading expert in the field to give the quote even more ‘oomph.’

8 Zillion

This is the approximate number of press releases that every single newspaper around the country gets every single day. If you write yours by the numbers, you can increase your press release’s chances of getting noticed and printed in newspapers worldwide!

Did we miss a relevant PR “number”? Let us know in the comments!

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