Professional web design or custom themes for wordpress?

Is your website looking so 2008 instead of a new refreshing 2018? If yes, it’s time for you to upgrade. Whether you are updating your website or creating a new site, there are two ways you could go. You could hire a professional Web Design Agency or you could turn to WordPress for a premade website template. There are obvious pros and cons for each option as we shall now see.


WordPress Web

WordPress is one of the world’s leading content management system. Being an opensource blog tool, WordPress allows for a great deal of web customization. Nevertheless, many companies prefer the premade templates since they allow for easy and quick site updates even with minimal technical support.



  • WordPress is a terrific option for simple projects such as when a website is exclusively an online brochure. In such a scenario WordPress is ideal because
  • The templates are considerably cheaper than professionally built websites. WordPress will do much of the heavy lifting that involves site coding. You, for instance, won’t have to hire a developer and this will save you quite some money.
  • You save time especially for projects that require fast implementation. The WordPress template you buy or download for free only requires little work since it’s pretty much ready for launch.
  • You still get a pretty decent site even with a free WordPress template. WordPress templates are quite sophisticated, especially for the premium ones. They are robust and of superior design. The icing on this WordPress cake is that you still get an appreciable level of customization.


Even when you have a skilled developer by your side, WordPress templates still come with certain disadvantages

  • You compromise on the uniqueness of your site. The most popular templates on WordPress have been downloaded by thousands of users meaning that there will be thousands of other sites out there that look like your website.
  • There are significant limitations in certain aspects of navigation and graphic design. Even with the customization offered, WordPress leaves you stuck with fixed navigation and graphic design parameters that you can’t change.
  • Not all templates are of good quality. The site you get on WordPress is only as good as the template used. Some of the templates are deeply flawed in some areas while others lack proper maintenance and are thus not always up-to-date.
  • There will always be limited functionality with WordPress templates. Template sites can’t handle some of the applications that your site needs. This is why it is almost impossible to run an e-commerce site exclusively on a WordPress template.
  • Security is never guaranteed for WordPress template sites because there are people who enjoy writing malicious code targeting template sites.

Professional Web Design Is the Best Way

Professional Web Design Is the Way to Go

Professional Web Design greatly strengthens your branding through custom-built sites. Web Development Agency will build you a site to fit your business and specifically support your brand. Therefore, rather than using a web template, it’d behoof you to have your site designed to fit your specific needs.


  • Professional web design has no limitations. The graphics and web functionality can be programmed to do exactly what you want them to do.
  • The customization offered allows for growth and flexibility such that it is easier to upgrade and add new features as your business expands.
  • It is easier to secure a custom-built website than one that is built from WordPress templates. This is because your developer creates the site from scratch with a unique code and is thus difficult to hack. The developer is also keen on finding and fixing any problems and vulnerabilities that may pop up over time on your site.
  • Professional Web Design offers better SEO than WordPress templates. Companies offering full stack Web Development Services bring you a site that is fully optimized for search engines. Hence, such a website will be excellent for the digital promotion of your business.
  • The extended functionality of a custom-built site enhances the usability of the website. You can thus easily run an online store; templates are simply inadequate in this area.


The only disadvantage of professional web design really is just that it isn’t free. However, at many web development agencies you will find that these services are available to you at realy unbeatable rates. Talk to us today and we’ll get you a powerful, superbly-executed website that will be a terrific asset for your business.

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