Quick Guide: Using Local Business Listing to Promote Your Business

Promoting your business on local business listing has a number of benefits. Read this article to know how to promote SEO on the local business listing.

Information about local businesses is available online in just a click. Increased usage of technology has made it easier for people to access products and services online. People access these services by using their mobile phones and computers. In a study carried out, it was realized that nearly 90% of the people carry out research online before making any purchase of a product. It is very important for businesses to use local business listings to increase the reach of their customers. Any best SEO company in Australia will inform you of the importance of local business listing. Read this article to learn the importance of it.

Definition of Local Business Listing

It is the promotion of your business among the local audience who are your potential customers. The concept comes from the old idea of advertising in the yellow pages or the local newspapers. It is a listing on the search engine which contains information such as the contact of your business, its location, and services offered by the business. Big search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing offer the business listing feature.

Relationship Between Local Business Listing and SEO

Local business listing is greatly associated with SEO. The goal of SEO is to rank your website higher so that you will have many visitors on your website. Local SEO involves using strategies which will help you to get customers or visitors based on your location.

If you fail to carry out appropriate SEO optimization and use the right business listings, the customers will not find your business on the internet. This can affect your business operation negatively and it can sometimes lead to the drop in sales of your business.

The local business listings can be carried out easily within a short period of time. Making sure your business has been validated on the local business directories will attract more customers and reduce the marketing costs incurred by your business.

How Local Business Listing Promote SEO Campaign

  • Providing Inbound Links

Most of the local business directories can allow the website owners to add a link to their website. By using this link, you can improve the ranking of your site on the search engines. Backlinks can also be used to determine the authority of your website.

  • Expanding Visibility of Your Site

Having a local business listing will make it possible for you to be seen online. When you have opened a business listing, you can add details about your business on the listing, add videos and pictures and select the available features such as the coupons and the map tags.

It will give your business listing the appropriate visibility and your content will stand out in the search results.

When carrying out the local business listings for your business, you do not need the services of website developers to carry out an upgrade of your site. You can create a way in which you provide information to the search engines through the business listing. There is no need of waiting for the search spiders to crawl to your site since you are giving the search engine information.

  • Increasing Your Website Traffic

When you have a local business directory with the business profile, there are high chances that you will rank higher when people are searching for the products and services you are providing. Every time someone searches for your type of business and location, your profile will pop up and they will easily find you. This will, in turn, increase the traffic to your website.

Top Local Business Listings

  • Google Places

Google local business listing provides the best platform since it features localized results before the organic listing. If the business has many business locations, make sure you use different Google Business Listings. When looking for ways of maximizing your business on Google, you can use three different ways — Google+, Google Places, and Google Webmaster Tools.

  • Yahoo Local

It offers free business listing and there are also other business listings which can cost you. You should submit your local business listing when you have a Yahoo account.

  • Yelp

It contains the user-generated views and a large community independent from the popular search engines. It is important to make sure your business been featured on Yelp so that you will gain an audience.

Getting the best SEO company in Australia will be a great move for your business. They can help you carry out proven optimization strategies for your website.

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