Quick Tips To Switch Your Unlinked Brand Mentions to Backlinks

People spend a lot of time and money behind reputation management i.e acquiring new leads, getting people to read the promotions and get the sale.  But what about unlinked brand mentions? Aren’t they the best source to increase brand value?

There are hundreds or say thousands of websites that mention or talks about your product but doesn’t link back to the original website.

Let’s dig deep and find out ways to know about the unlinked brand mentions. Even a local SEO service provider can help you out with the procedure:

Use Google Search:

You can have tons of results with Google Search that mentions your brand name without giving the backlink to the website. You can perform the search by excluding the social media sites of your own brand by typing in the following manner.

For example, if you search for Elsner, type: Elsner - elsner.com -twitter.com - facebook.com - instagram.com and so on.

The only problem in performing this exercise is that you can not extract the data. It involves much of manual efforts for extraction.

You can filter out using Google’s smart tools. There are extensions and tools available which helps to scrap out the results from the search result. Make a Google sheet or document and copy-paste the list.

Apply Reverse Engineering:

People usually make the mistake of linking your twitter profile or any other social media profile instead of the actual website. They fear that Google will penalize them for linking too many external links. It may also happen if they consider your website as a low quality/ranking OR it might be the authors mistake while typing in the Google Docs.

Reach out to them and ask to swap the links.

Correct the spellings of the Domain Name:

Authors while writing generally doesn’t realize the mistake made in spelling the domain. Mistakenly they might link the brand with wrong spelling.  You can contact them for corrections and get the backlink.

Perform Reverse Image search:

It’s a human tendency to copy the image without giving credibility for the same. The question here is, how to find embed image easily?

You can do it by using reverse image search in Google.
Right click on the image and select “Search for Google”.

There are tools and extensions available in the market to help you best in finding out the copied image.

Wrapping it up:

There you have it, the list of unlinked brand mentions. Approach them, convince them and get more backlinks to your website. Enhance the ranking by taking help from the Best SEO company in Australia. Wish you have a good number of backlinks!

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