Ransomware And Cyber Attacks Are On Rise In 2017

If you are looking for good news and hoping ransomware and cyber attack are decreasing, well, you might get disappointed. All the newspapers are writing the same. The alarm is turned on, the increase of these attacks in 2017 is high.

Most of all the three major industries are affected. It's not hard to guess they are financial services, public sector, and healthcare. If you look at 2016 statistics, you can easily realize that the number of ransomware and cyber attacks has doubled in this year. How will it go further this year, we will see, but no one predicts the reduction of this incidents. Ransomware attacks are also seen in the public sector and education, manufacturing, and the list goes on. These are serious internet security threats.

Most of these companies are not even close to being secure. But, to be honest, they aren't even working on their own security. They are rather willing to pay to hackers to return them their data on any other personal data or property research (which are the hackers most usual targets), then to invest in their safety and security. There are so many internet security tips anyone can find and use, especially the big and important companies, but also social security tips.

Ransomware in the news, as analyzes tells us that there is more than 51% data involved in some type of malware attacks. Isn't that frightening? Yes, it is, but more frightening is that the ransomware and cyber attacks are not decreasing a bit, but the opposite. It's even expected they will just get more and more expected on a regular basis in the ongoing year.

There are, of course, the key drivers of human behavior. The key drivers for how to fight ransomware and prevent malware. People should disclose information. It's not in vain to remind everyone that a good and strong password, which is regularly changed, can increase their internet security in a great way. Easy to guess passwords are those that are most easily broken into. You know the cyber security tips are so important and don't forget to follow those! We live in 2017, so the internet is full of great information which will help you to protect yourself, or your company, so follow those and don't just sit there hoping the hackers won't get into you. Follow the internet security tips and cyber security types recommended!

I am sure you don't want to be a victim of criminal groups and spend your money for paying them to release what's already yours? Or was, even worse. Don't do that to yourself!

Are you doing all the internet security tips and regularly running your anti-malware? Get a great anti-malware program, run in regularly, update it regularly and update everything on your computers as same. Back up your data, have a great and strong password, change it regularly (in 3 months), don't use suspicious sites and don't answer to spam e-mails. That's the basic anyone can do to avoid these criminal attacks.

As you already know very well-money makes the underworld goes around. Don't just backup the files you consider important, but also your personal information, accounts and anything related to identity, as these are also a target for many phishing attacks. Don't forget to follow the mobile phone security tips also! It is very obvious that cyber criminals got into a new level of their ambition. As technology rises in its development, the human (I mean, the criminal) brain also works that way. In 2016 their actions were remarkably scary-attack including multi-million dollar bank heist, and also over attempts to disrupt the U.S. electoral process.

Cyber criminals are causing unprecedented levels of disruption, just using simple IT tools and also cloud services. What we should be expecting in the future as technology rises every day, no one knows for sure. But we do know that we need to follow security internet options and maybe to wait for some genius that will be on the bright side and invent some great tool which will rescue us all. But, okay, let's stop dreaming and get back to reality!

We talked about malware and phishing, but it's also important to mention pretexting, as this sort of cyber-attack is also rising. Another tactic used by cyber criminals which is predominantly targeted at financial department employees. Of course, it is oriented to those clients who hold the keys to money transfers. What are the defensive strategies? Here is very important to mention that the company's duty must be training their staff to spot the warning signs, making their own people their first line of defense. It is also greatly recommended to use two-factor authentications which can limit the damage that can be done with stolen or lost credentials. And of course, don't forget the physical security because don't all the data theft happen online.

People with small companies should be aware that the size of the company and the number of employees are not the relevant thing of decreasing a chance of a cyber-attack. The criminal attacks happened even in a company that has less than 1,000 employees. Sometimes, cyber-criminals are looking for an easier target.

We are the only one who can decrease the number of ransomware and cyber-attacks! You are the only one who can watch for your safety and do all those important security tips we told you. You have much more tips and tricks on the internet.

Do not get those criminals that amount of confidence! They are now very confident that people are not aware at all, and also are not properly doing what they should be doing for their safety. And that is what encourages them! They won't stop until you change and until you learn your company staff each by each how to live in a high-tech world today. People go around asking each other:''How bad is was?'' Thinking it's over. But, no. As you look in 2016 and then check statistics in 2017, you can see how much cyber-attacks increased and how are they attacking more and more authorities. This is not expected to be stopped. As you can read the news, you can see that the danger is increasing. It's all about us and changing our behaviours! Let's do this together!

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