Real Life Do’s and Don’ts Straight from Your Inbox: Sales / Promotion Emails

Sometimes the best place to learn about how to improve your email marketing campaign is right in your email.

Victoria’s Secret: the Good

  • Frequency / Timing: Seriously, I don’t need a watch because I know exactly what time it is when I see my daily VS email. Predictability is one of those things that I adore about them, and possibly the main reason I haven’t unsubscribed.
  • Email Design: In this particular email, there are just two images, one for each sales push. There isn’t a lot of fuss and wording, just perfectly designed advertisements.

Victoria’s Sectret: the Bad

  • The Longest Subject Line Ever:“4 New Victoria's Secret Temptations. Plus Free Lotion with Purchase In Select Stores. Details Inside.” I had to expand the columns in my email program to read the entire subject line. That’s just ridiculous.

    And, this email is only about getting me to the store. Yeah, lotion’s nice, but its not worth driving all the way to mall. What would’ve gotten me to buy is that there’s a gift or discount for buying online too.
  • Email Design: I love the design, but what’s so distracting is that it looks like they cut and paste their website’s dashboard and plopped it at the top of the email. Sure, all of the links are active, but it’s distracting from the advertisement. Yes, I get it; you’re from VS.

Apple: the Good

  • Email Design: It’s Apple. Everything is clean, simple and more importantly, the product is on display not some flashy graphics.

Apple: the Bad

  • Email Design: I’ve never seen an email footer with more legal garble in my life (terms and conditions, privacy information). Upon closer inspection, if you measure the space of the ad versus the space of the tiny print, well, there’s more space used in tiny print. the Good

  • Sales Pitch: Oh boy. They had me at hello. From the moment the email lumbered into my inbox (more on that later), all I wanted to do was get my hands on the “Free Murad sample duo for complexion perfection.” That subject line grabbed my attention immediately, and I had to see what else they had on sale. Oh boy! I don’t even have to spend that much to get the free sample ($10)! Hooray. the Bad

  • Email Design: It’s still loading in my inbox. There are so many pictures to load that it’s making my entire Mac run slowly. 
  • Reply-To Email:If I wanted to send a quick email back to the company, perhaps asking a question or two on their email, I’d have to reply to this:

    What is that? More importantly: who is that?

    I do believe this is the longest email address ever.

    Even if that’s the email they want to use, can’t they just shorten it or hide it under a hyperlink? Why or why do I have to see that?

Go look in your inbox today, what are the good and bad from the brands you engage with?

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