Reasons Behind the Growing Popularity of Magento

CMS platforms are flooding the markets since the success of WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Some of them changed the world of websites we live in. And some of them have become history with changing times. However, here we talk about one of these platforms, which has made serious inroads with respect to ecommerce websites. Yes, we are talking about Magento.


Magento has made its name for the ecommerce domain. It has seen the ups for 2011 when eBay acquired them. And then later in 2015, when they split up. However, whatever changes happened between Magento 1 platform and Magento 2 platform, one fact has surfaced clearly. A report by builtWith, which says - Magento empowers over 2.38 Million ecommerce websites to date.
Whether it is a B2B or B2C platform, you can find Magento-powered websites everywhere. When you opt for Magento website development, you take the first step toward success of your online business. Below given are some of the major reasons why you should prefer Magento:

Feature-rich Websites

With Magento, you can manage and promote your online store with ease. A plethora of features and functionalities of Magento make it possible. Do you want to add desired features in your Magento store? No worries. You can readily do so by using the right Magento Marketplace Extension for a specific feature.

Multiple Websites Support

How about managing multiple websites with a single back-end panel? With Magento, it’s possible. You can readily manage more than one stores with the same domain name. Even if you have websites with different default names and categories, you can manage them seamlessly. You can remain at the top of your game with Magento!


In the mobile-driven edge, a responsive website is a ticket to success for your online businesses. When it comes to responsiveness, Magento emerges as a clear winner. Magento Blank and Luma themes support the RWD (Responsive Web Design) approach.


Magento provides excellent Search Engine Optimization. It is an inbuilt functionality to get search engine friendly URLs. You can also avail advanced SEO support features to get a higher rank on SERPs. It also allows you to customize URLs to make it more user-friendly. By enabling a Google Sitemap for your website, you can please the Google Webmaster!
That’s not all. Magento has many marketing tools to promote your online shop. The platform comes with ample of customization options. You can even customize the checkout process to make it more appealing. It offers customizable shopping cart and multi-currency support. It also supports multiple languages. You can address targeted audience in their native language with this feature.

Wrapping Up

All these features and functionalities make Magento a reliable choice for your online shop. Also, there is a Magento marketplace extension for almost every feature you want to add.

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