Reasons Why Most of the Mobile Apps Fail

A business that is not going mobile cannot go anywhere, which is why mobile apps have become an essential part of any organization. As per the statistics recorded on March 2017, there are more than 2.8 million Android apps in Google Play & 2.2 million iOS apps in Apple’s App Store.

However, it has been found that nearly one-third of all enterprise app projects fail. Why is it happening? Is it because of the tight competition in the app market today or the use of outdated development trends? Let’s learn why most of the mobile apps fail and how can we make them successful.

  • Improper Research
The first thing you need to do before building an app is to have a thorough research to define audience and features that need to be added to appeal the users. Find out what competitors are doing and gather enough data to justify that you are making something that people care about.
  • Lack of Uniqueness
With so many similar apps in the store, every iOS & AndroidApp Development Company need to build apps that are unique and different from what other competitors are offering. A Unique value proposition (UVP) is needed for your app to optimize loyalty and boost business success.
  • Poor Testing
Before you launch the app, make sure that you test it properly to ensure that there are no major issues. Apps without testing will have a negative impact on user experience due to bugs and are prone to crash. Conducting proper app testing is a must to make your app market-ready.
  • Poor User Experience
The success of the app will be decided by the user experience being provided to customers. Ensure that your app is not only easy to use but also free from app performance issues, long load times, access difficulty, etc.
  • Inefficient Marketing
Another important thing is a strong marketing strategy for the app to build awareness, engage users and develop trust. No matter how much efforts the whole development team puts on, the app will not reach out to new users without proper marketing process.
Every Mobile App Development Company aims to build a successful app and not to be lost in the competition of app market. Before you build an app for your business, consider the points discussed above to avoid the mistakes & give your app a better shot at success. Apart from the factors stated, we must also put efforts on proper marketing strategy & detailed audience research to boost your business growth with an impactful app.

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