Recent Trends to Flourish Your Business in the Ecommerce World

Advancement in technology, helping your brands grows speedily. In the recent past, the eCommerce industry has risen tremendously. 2017 was an amazing year for this industry.

Ecommerce trends mean what customers buy, how they shop online and how they respond to marketing strategies used by various brands. Recently, there are many new trends that have a strong influence on the eCommerce industry. From getting a cab to hiring to ordering food, from purchasing clothes to hiring some services online, growing mobile device usages is transforming businesses and lives. It is vital to stay updated with all the latest trends in the industry to compete best. Big brands like Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and more have been following and benefiting from these trends. We will discuss some top latest e-commerce trends here:

Compelling Content

Today, with the increased competition you need more than just a visually appealing website and an awesome of products for your business growth. You need a lot of unique, persuasive content that can grab your audience’s attention, and increase engagement, building a strong connection with you. However, it does not mean that only creative content about the product and service is enough, but also you need to have your blogs, social media posts and more.

If your content is interesting, it can make people follow you, so make sure to make it interesting along with informative and motivational. Moreover, it is one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to generate good ROI. Again, content is not just the written words, but you can use multiple forms of it including infographics, podcasts, videos and more to build a strong connection with the audience.

Quick Delivery - Same-Day Delivery

This trend is already increasing, certainly will grow over in the coming years. Same-Day delivery will probably be an expectation of most consumers in the near future. Research shows, 32% of customers in the UK, choose a certain store just because of a same-day delivery facility. 62% of customers had willingly paid a premium for a Same-Day delivery option.

However, Same-Day delivery demands a huge labor force. Therefore, to bring it into action effective planning is required. Also, experts predict that this trend will develop slower than others.

Most customers expect that they place an order and get it delivered as soon as possible. No one wants to wait for long, at least not more than a week. Quick delivery, easy access to products, a simple check-out process, and lower prices together makes online shopping experience amazing.

Mobile Commerce

Most people already use their smartphones for all their needs including shopping. Research shows that more than 80% of people now use their smartphone for searching stores, products and collecting the required information to buy and placing orders as well. With the emergence of smartphones, now people have got more convenient and instant access to amazing buying options than ever before.

Mobile commerce is not less than a revolution, and this is why it is a remarkable latest eCommerce trend. Many big brands including Amazon, Apple and Google ensures easy shopping procedures using the mobile devices and allow placing orders in just a few simple clicks to minimize cart abandonment. Personalization experiences for mobile device users are on the rise. You can hire Magento experts to integrate advanced features and responsive design to your websites. Mobile app developers are blending online and offline shopping to offer users with a flawless shopping experience. On-demand apps are providing the whole user experience to another level.

Augmented Reality

With the introduction of Google ARCore and Apple ARKit, augmented reality has brought renovation and modernization to a new level. AR technology will allow your customers an in-store experience when they browse using any smart device.

AR supported apps offering users an amazing experience. Many big brands are now all ready for integrating AR with other arrangements. Augmented reality technology is nothing but allows you to give your prospective buyers with a realistic store-like shopping experience. It will help you find out how an item you wish to buy looks and feels. For example, if you are looking for buying an exclusive pair of sunglasses how about if you possibly could see whether they suit on your face or not then decide if you wish to buy them?

Big Data

With the development of big data, brands are putting their great efforts to understand the customer better by using the insights. Many businesses are providing cloud services to understand the concept of big data well and access big data resources as well.

With the success in the past, big data, along with the other upcoming technologies will be able to grow your business effectively.

Recent Innovations

The advanced tools and technology are helping the eCommerce industry to flourish and it will continue in the coming year. With personalized shopping, users now look forward to the shopping experience that can be a combination of in-store and online browsing. Exceptional growth in IoT and drone-based deliveries can be predicted. Voice search will also rise in the eCommerce space. Though it is not pretty sure that these trends will transform the industry in the near future, they are certainly playing a big role in determining eCommerce for the future.

New trends bring great opportunities for those that stay updated and move fast. With the expert's help, you can even do better. Nimble Appgenie is a leading Magento web development company. With years of experience, they understand that for growth of your business what is required and how you can keep a track of all the latest trends and get benefitted by following them.

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