Remarkable Retail: 17 Creative Point of Purchase Displays

With a plethora of options, it’s no surprise that in retail, to make a splash and be remembered, you need to be creative.

The most innovative point of purchase displays interact with space, the product and the customer in unexpected and unique ways, from simple cardboard folded into clever origami, to colors that give a brand personality.  

Feast your eyes on these fantastic point of purchase displays you must see to believe.

  1. Pure & Natural


This jungle bonanza, complete with tropical leaves that hold merchandise, is enticing and alluring. You are carried far away from a mundane shopping experience into a land that is pure, ideal and natural. The faux water is a plus, granting a sense of fluidity, movement and rejuvenation. Pure & Natural focuses on naturally derived, Paraben free, biodegradable, hypoallergenic products that are packaged in 100% recyclable containers to bring you closer to nature.


This brand employs that splashy advertising is ABSOLUT. The vodka makes a waterlogged entrance with this one-of-a-kind display. The unique arrangement asks you to delve into your holiday fantasies with a bottle that seems to be crashing through a field of blue. Although the color alludes more to paint than water, the notion of water and fluidity is not lost, due to the dynamic nature of the splash.

In marketing, water is often used to create a sense of the infinite, youth and motion. In this case, ABSOLUT Vodka wants you to plunge into the ultimate party. With a careful re-branding of the name on the bottle, depicting the logo in cool and tropical colors including blue, ultramarine, aqua, indigo, fuschia and yellow, the party never ends.

  1. KitKat #1

With a giant KitKat bar broken in half and ready for you to take one giant bite, it’s hard to miss the appeal of this fantastical display.

Scale is often used to ensure a sense of the surreal and to attract attention, and with this KitKat bar blown up tenfold, the trick works.

  1. Milka


This cute cow and cowbell act like an extension of the product, giving Milka the brand the personification of the cow with a cowbell. This exposure is branding that attracts by expanding brand recognition and creating a myth connected to the product.

The idea is to nurture a bucolic scene that also induces to a sense of the comical and the absurd, as the faux barrels made of cardboard allure to a country market.


Imagine giant paint dripping down through a display of vivid colors cascading from large nail polish bottles. This display is pure glamor. This advertisement fulfills a fantasy in color, using red, an icon for boldness and life, and black as its contrast.

The paint dripping on the floor interacts with the space, taking the display out of the surreal world, and into our world. Essentially, REVLON is stating that with this nail polish, you can make your most glamorous fantasies become a reality.

  1. TUC

This impressive shelf display is meant to set TUC apart from the competition.

The display is unique because it interacts with shelving, instead of the more conventional stand-alone POP displays.

With bright yellow used for packaging, it would be hard to miss this display on any aisle. It alludes to movement and action. The recently opened box and faux cardboard cracker seem to be hovering out of the box, as if gravity itself cannot resist these crackers.

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens


For movies and the film industry, when a feature film is released on domestically available formats, the idea is to sell as many copies as possible. As a result, advertising for DVDs usually involves elaborate attention-grabbing displays. This enormous Star Wars display does the job.

  1. Asics #1

This Asics shoe implies an active city lifestyle that is fun and filled with entertainment. The display is geared directly to a male, city dwelling audience. The design is simple and only the silhouette of a city skyline cut out is needed in the background.

  1. Pampers

This advertisement is essentially making a case using folklore, by associating the tale of the stork, which brings newborns to their mother, as a sort of errand runner for diapers.

The pleasant demeanor of the stork, as well as the colors used in Pampers’ packaging, induce a sense of calm and reflection.

  1. Nutella


How can you go wrong with a giant Nutella jar selling your favorite nutty, hazelnut chocolate accented spread? Anyone who's a fan of having a delicious slice of toast in the morning with the buttery melt-in-your-mouth spread will instantly be drawn to this display.

  1. Oreo Cookies

With a huge splash, this Oreo Cookie display is graphic, bold and attention grabbing in its aesthetic. With a giant cardboard Oreo cookie in the midst of being dunked in what looks like a nice, cold glass of milk, the combination of 3-D milk stand, as well as the humongous cookie, is almost too exciting.

  1. Banana Boat

What Banana Boat is successful at creating here is not only inventive and fun in its design and execution; it is also subversive in its intended effect of inspiring illicit feelings of booking that long-deserved vacation. Using three-dimensional waves that denote feelings of summer, vacation and water, this display is a great and visually engaging design that inspires your very own private vacation fantasy.

  1. POM

Who isn’t a fan of pomegranates? With a giant red pomegranate propped up on what looks like a wooden bowl, POM uses a bright, colorful, vivid pomegranate as the juicy main selling point of their delicious fruity drink, plain and simple.

  1. Thomas the Tank Engine

For children of all ages who love Thomas the Tank Engine, this display is a lovely burst of color, as well as being an old friend that young children know either through books or television. Children can interact with a life-size imitation and get to know their favorite toy train in a three-dimensional setting. This display is meant to attract a kid’s sense of wonder by employing the use of scale.

  1. Harry Potter

Who doesn't know the iconic Harry Potter series, the movies and the books? The books, which were later adapted into movies, have amassed legions of fans the world over. It's no surprise this display is just as fantastical and otherworldly as the legacy it has garnered. Made to resemble Hogwarts castle, this cardboard creation boasts movies, DVDs and games, and is a central focal point on display. Besides the obvious grandeur of the piece, the castle invites anyone willing to indulge in it, a sense of wonder and fantasy that is a hallmark of the franchise, making you delve deep into the world of Harry Potter while shopping.

  1. Asics #2

Another shoe display that’s sure to make a splash, this Asics POP utilizes both water and the fluidity of color to make a visually energetic display that is fun to look at. The display also mimics the shoe design that is branded in the same splash of colors.

  1. Coca Cola

Who can make a case for POP displays without mentioning Coca Cola? Throughout its long history, and since the ‘90s, Coca Cola has been pioneering POP displays that play and entice our sense into giving into the dark-colored soda with a red label. More than a few of the displays on this list employ tactics first realized by Coke.

Now that you’ve been delighted and inspired by these POP displays, set about creating your own amazing in-store activation. As long as you use the right materials for the job (making sure you employ the best fugitive glue or cardstock for the specific application), the sky is the limit for your imaginative and effective display!

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