Review: Plantronics Blackwire c320-M USB Headset

Are you looking for something for your wireless communications and you are not able to get something that could really be an amazing and innovative product to serve your purpose. Then why are you roaming here and there? The best of a headset has arrived in the market.

The new headset out in the market is from no other than Plantronics, the only best company in the audio industry making one of the best and popular headset and that is what Blackwire 310/ 320 USB corded headset is. This is the ultimate headset that you would have never thought to get on your limited budget. It is packed with one of the best features which you can get from a headset. This headset delivers you all in one it is the best of simplicity in design and durability in manufacturing, of course, the comfort is also there while no compromise on the professional quality on very cheap and entry level cost.


The new headset from Plantronics is made to be as reliable, that it remains ready just when you need it. It is most reliable for the companies that are just starting up and are of unified communications. The headset is very fast and responsive in judging all of your PC calls or multimedia by just using the audio alerts for managing your connections, for muting and volume status etc. This is easy to use black wire headset offering the premium of the stereo audio and on the other hand all day comfort as well.

Superior Audio Quality

You will get the best of sound quality with this headset that you can expect to. It offers a wideband PC, noise-canceling microphone and also your very own demanding hi-fi stereo sound quality. The Black wire headset provides a truly outstanding audio quality experience which makes it an ideal device for voice multimedia and music. There is also a Dynamic EQ feature in it which is specially optimised to be for your voice quality during calls and it automatically adjusts the embedded EQ settings as well just when you will be listening to the music or multimedia.

Software Enabled Functionality

When you are having the Plantronics headsets then how can you forget about the software? You will obviously get the best of software functionality from Plantronics that you might not be able to get from some other brand. It gives you the full call control on all of the multiple softphones. There is a battery meter that helps in getting convenient display regarding the remaining battery life just right on the PC icon tray of yours. The headset control panel is also the best which allows you to customize the settings and it includes all the call notifications and other related options. There is also an exclusive feature currently present on Microsoft Lync and Skype only which automatically updates you when you are on a PC call.

Wearing Style Choice

There are 2 wearing styles available to you so that you can get best of your headphone regarding getting a richer and an immersive experience by its hi-fi stereo C320. While not limited to this its other design is the monaural C310 design which is for people who prefers to keep his or her one year open from the headset. This gives different choices for you while using a headset.

Rapid Deployment

Well this headset is the best in itself. It has rapid deployment because it does not remain with any installations hassle while it also have a UC toolkit resource just for the promotion of painless IT deploy and management. There is also an upgradable firmware/ software that ensure the consumer regarding its compatibility and support of features when you are ready for your further communication steps.

Overall Design

Talking to the overall design of this headset then we can say that it is the only choice you could have in your life to get a headset because it is made with such an amazing material that it is really lightweight and elegantly looking in design while its cup pads are so soft that even after wearing it for hours you won’t feel pain. The headset is made so comfortable that you can enjoy and love your headset while working.

Strength & Durability

The headset is made to be strong enough so that it could adhere all your works and rough usage. When it said that it is an ultimate headset then how can it be possible that it won’t be a durable and strong one. You don’t need to worry about your headset. You can now use it without any worry and full rough use and still, you would get the best experience with this headset. Its made to last for years when you buy it so you shouldn’t be worrying regarding wear and tear now at all.


This headset is recommended to anyone who is looking for such a gadget which he or she can enjoy the complete day of their seamless communication. This headset can make you truly a multitasker by making your hands free from the work. With all the best of design and features packed just into this gadget, you can’t compromise on it for your communication purposes because it is one the best headset till date with the best of supporting features to convince you.

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