Rising Adventure Tourism Brings new Business Opportunities in Travel Industry

Adventure tourism has taken a rise in the past few years and people have started to visit the places which remained undiscovered by people from many years. Adventure travel is the fastest growing category when it comes to travel Industry

Many countries have also started prioritizing adventure tourism for their economic growth. Countries such as Finland, Belgium, Caribbean Island, Indonesia, and Malaysia are famous for adventure travel.

Adventure tourism also attracts high-value customers. According to reports, adventure operators have reported an average of USD 3,000 spent per person, with an average trip length of eight days.

How Adventure Tourism is Better than Others?

As adventure tourism is directly linked with natural sources where adventure activities can be performed. So, local authorities and government take care of these natural resources to keep attracting the travelers which are not only good for the environment but also for local society, as people get jobs for guiding help in performing adventure activities with activity hosts

Brings New Business Opportunities

Adventure tourism has opened new business opportunities as the travel industry is just not limited to hotel or flight bookings and travel agents. Activity hosts and tour operators are high in demand.

Digitalization has also made a big impact on online adventure tourism. According to stats, almost 40% of all tour and activity bookings are being made online and 46% of tour operators with websites offer instant confirmation of booking (Tourism Research Australia)

Looking at the demand for adventure tourism and the impact of digitalization. FATbit Technologies have developed a travel activity booking system known as FunAway to launch online travel activity marketplace. The website like viator.com and peek.com are earning lots of profit by running a travel marketplace in the adventure tourism industry.

Travel activity marketplace launched using FunAway has activity operators to list their activities online. Customers can find book activities online of their choice from a different location. All the details about host and activity will be available from the website while booking.

Admin will commission from each booking and various other revenue channels like subscription fees, advertisement etc. All the things will be manageable from the website.

To know more about FunAway visit:- https://www.fatbit.com/online-travel-activity-marketplace-solution....

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