Running An e-commerce Website on a Budget

Between web-hosting, security and the many other expenses that must be put into an e-commerce website, many of these startups run into financial burdens that can cripple or even kill the website entirely. The risk of these setbacks sends many aspiring store owners fleeing at the first site of failure without exploring the alternate opportunities available for these sites. Thankfully, there are many low-budget opportunities for e-commerce websites to succeed on the web today. Let’s explore these.


Drop-shipping allows an online store to be the “middleman” in a customer’s shopping experience. The customer orders from the online store, the online store (your website) then orders the goods through the manufacturer at wholesale pricing, then the manufacturer ships the product directly to the customer; leaving the e-commerce site with the profit. There are many advantages to utilizing drop-shipping within an e-commerce website, most notably, an online store can be started for as cheap as $60. This opportunity grants small businesses the ability to save an enormous amount of money, simply because there is no need to purchase an inventory up front.


Perhaps the most resourceful, yet underutilized, opportunity for any website is running a highly-informative blog. Writing high-quality blog content is a fantastic - free - marketing initiative that can generate large amounts of traffic to a website. Coming up with blog content plans can be tough, but studying your community’s pain points and answering these woes through a blog post is one of these great ways to create truly meaningful content in the interest of your customers. Overall, a blog may not be a driving factor behind sales, however it will help generate a buzz behind your website and establish its authority within the community, so when these readers are ready to buy, you will be first in mind.

Social Media

Social media is responsible for a handful of opportunities in the small business world, yet many of these e-commerce startups are seemingly oblivious to its existence. With the rise of inbound marketing, social media can be a small business’s chance to get their products and blog content in front of the eyes of millions of interested users. A social media campaign can be carried out with little to no money involved, therefore the ROI of implementing this into your marketing endeavours can be extremely rewarding.

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