Salon Marketing Tip #1: Try Out Every Fad Before You Discard it

Beauty has a new definition every season. It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when people used to mock the ones who dared to color their hair blue and green. Now, slick hair color seems to have captured today’s hair trends, and it is here to stay. Look how gorgeous it looks:

Who would’ve thought that this quirky fad would be a big hit someday. The hair experts who made fun of it in the beginning, we bet they would be definitely regretting not pioneering this.

That’s the point.

With the fashion industry, you never know what trends will click. We have seen the weirdest of things going viral. Talk about gothic smoky eyes, wild curls, nail extensions or double shade lipstick. When these came around, no beautician must have thought these would work at all. There were a few who decided to give them a try. They were the ones who got the first mover’s advantage and made it huge in the market.

Being a beauty salon, you should never discard a fad before you try it out. Here are a few things that you should do the moment you notice a new peculiar trend sneaking into the market:

  • Research about how it’s done. Being a beautician, YouTube is your best friend. Dig into it until you find a hint about how it’s done or an elaborate tutorial.
  • Add your own personal creativity to it, so that you can stand out, if it becomes a huge hit in future.
  • Teach your salon staff how to do it and ask them to flaunt it during the working hours. For example, suppose we are talking about some sort of nail art here. If your customers look at the nails of your staff and find it attractive enough, they will inquire about it. Don’t forget to fix a rate for it beforehand. There are chances that they will get it done then and there.
  • Observe the demand of this trend for 2 weeks. If it works, then congratulations! You have successfully pioneered a new trend in your locality. If it doesn’t create demand, then you can drop it. Even if it takes trends by storm in future, you can stay relaxed as your customers already know where to go to get it done. That nail art, they have seen it somewhere before, but where? Oh! Right on your staff’s nails. They’ll come running to your beauty parlor right away. You literally ‘Nailed it’!

Jokes apart, this is one of the great salon branding tips. Your customers will know you as a brand that always stays in sync with what’s trending and they will make it a point to visit you just see the live samples. You can also create a section on your salon website specially dedicating to beauty and fashion trends.

Do let us know if you have any thoughts, views or suggestions. We would really appreciate if you suggest what topic you would want us to cover in our next salon marketing tip. Hope you liked it. Stay tuned.

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