How Startups Can Benefit from Dedicated Android Developers Without Robbing a Bank

The processes you follow during the initial phase of your startups has deep consequences for your growth and performance during the evolution of your business, according to a study titled Startup Companies: Life Cycle and Challenges published by ResearchGate.

Despite this fact, startups do not have enough resources or knowledge to set up robust and streamlined processes. Mobile apps have proved extremely helpful in such cases. The only issue is that most startups feel that they don’t have adequate funds to hire a dedicated Android app developer or get an experienced company to create a customized solution for them.

Here are some tips that startups can use to reduce the expense of having dedicated Android app developers on board, while still benefiting from a customized solution.

Do Adequate Research
Mobile apps have become a buzzword in practically every industry. That doesn’t mean you hire dedicated Android app developers in the first instance. Take time to identify your need for a mobility solution. Make a list of the problems you wish to solve and the advantages you expect from deploying an app. These would enable you to determine the features your app requires.

Choose the Right Platform
It’s best for startups to begin their digital journey with Android since this has the largest OS market share. In fact, eight in every ten device runs on Android, according to figures stated by Statista.

Outsource to Save Cost
By outsourcing app development, you don’t need to screen, interview and hire a dedicated Android app developer. You wouldn’t have to bother with setting up processes or ensuring your dedicated Android app developers are working to their full potential. When you outsource to an experienced development company, you gain access to the services of UX, design and testing experts.

Opt for a MADP
If you’re concerned about the expense – either to hire an Android app programmer or outsourcing, look for a company that offers a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP). This would give you access to reusable components that can be used to create your custom app. It would avoid the cost and hassle to hire a dedicated Android app developer, while ensuring your solution is ready fast and is completely bug-free.

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