Simplify your trading system to maximize your profit

A complex trading system is nothing but a waste of time. You have to understand the fact, complexity will increase your risk factors. When you are trading the Forex market you need to keep things very simple. If you deal with different kinds of factors it won’t take much time to lose your investment. All the professional traders in Australia always trade the market with a simple trading system. Unlike the professional traders, the novice traders believe in the complex trading system. They deal with tons of indicators to find the most profitable trades. But if you do so, you are never going to see yourself in the line of a successful trader. Today we will discuss how to simplify your trading system by following some simple rules.

Avoid indicators

Indicators can never become your prime trading tools. Many expert Aussie traders consider these indicators as a waste of time. You have to keep your trading charts clean so that you can easily understand the price movement of the market. Trading in a messy chart will increase your risk exposure. However, if you still want to use indicators, make sure you are not using more than two indicators at a time. Learn the proper use of indicators and change the default settings of the indicators to get better results. You have to do some experiment to get the best performance from the indicator reading.

Stop trading the high impact news

The new traders always try to make a huge profit by trading the news. The market becomes extremely volatile in nature during the high impact news. At times you might get lucky by placing big lot trades during the news but consider the long-term scenario. This market is nothing but your business field. You have to consider the probability factors of the market to become successful at currency trading. No system in this world is perfect so be prepared to embrace losing trades. And avoid news trading to save your investment.

Pick your favorite assets

When you are trading CFDs, you have to understand the associated risk of leverage trading. Many retail traders execute trades in the different currency pair. We are human being it’s almost impossible for us to concentrate on more than 10 pairs. So your trading should be limited to 10 pairs only. Pick your favorite currency pair and save them on your watch list. This will significantly reduce your risk exposure.

Trade the market with a professional broker

Choosing the reputed broker in the retail trading industry is one of the key ingredients to become successful in currency trading profession. You can significantly cut your trading cost by picking the low-class brokers in the world but you will also deprive yourself of quality trading environment. You need to have access to a professional trading platform where you can use advanced features to maximize your profit factors. You don’t have to wait all day long to execute your trade at a certain price. Just use the pending features of your platform. Try to use the technology in your favor. But this doesn’t mean you will start using the automated trading system to the Forex market. The manual trading system is always the best way to trade the live asset.

Identify unwanted materials

As a currency trader, you have to deal with tons of variables. Solving an equation with tons of variables is extremely confusing. So, eliminate the unnecessary variables from the market and focus on the key factors. Trade the key support and résistance level by using the Japanese candlestick pattern. Never plug any EAs or bots to automate your trading system. If possible stop using the indicators and make things more simple. You have to develop an organized routine to become successful at currency trading. Never spend too much time in front your trading platform as it will force you to overtrade the market. Discard human emotions while making a decision based on the technical and fundamental factors of the market.

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Comment by Steven Mathews on March 23, 2018 at 9:46am

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