In April 2017, LinkedIn reached 500 million users in 200 countries. The United States made up 20% of these users which earned it second place behind Europe. The professional networking site's fastest growing demographic is students and recent grads. (2017)

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool for small businesses, but if you aren't familiar with all the features navigating it can be daunting. Have no fear! Follow these tips and best practices for starting and managing your company's LinkedIn page! 

Create Your Company Page

It is essential to have a company page on LinkedIn, even if you are a solopreneur with no employees. Upload your company logo onto your page and if you have a personal photo as a profile picture make sure it is professional quality. Develop a strategy for your company page and determine who is responsible for posting. How often do you want to post and what types of content? Be sure to include original posts as well as relevant and interesting curated content. Like all social media sites, LinkedIn is about sharing; the more you share the more connections you will make.

Keep Things Interesting

Too many companies treat their LinkedIn page like a sales platform, and readers will soon lose interest unless you also post educational industry information, articles and/or editorials that keep people coming back for more. Be sure to join discussion groups that are relevant to your industry as well!

Images Make A Big Difference

Posts with images increase the reader's inclination to read the post by up to 80%! (Xerox, 2017). LinkedIn will automatically pull an image from posted article links, so pay attention to the images to be sure they are formatted correctly and are relevant to your content. If you post frequently from your own website, change the article image so it isn't just your logo appearing over and over. 

Make It A Team Effort

A vibrant company page is essential, but don't forget about personal pages! Make it a team effort and educate employees on the benefits of social media sharing to the company and encourage them to like and share company info on their personal LinkedIn pages as well! 

Post Customer Recommendations

Customer recommendations are hugely influential on the buying behav.... LinkedIn allows you to post customer reviews on your company page, so encourage customers to do so! Don't be shy about asking for a review and make it easy for customers to do so by providing them a link on your social media pages and/or email marketing campaigns. 

Keep It Updated

Make sure to update your company page regularly (see first bullet point about creating a strategy). Hire a new employee? Have a special offer or promotion? Expanding your business? Make sure to update your page and broadcast your achievements! 

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