Don't Fear Failure

Failure is a necessary part of growing your business and it's going to happen anyway. So just be ready to pick yourself up, learn from it and move on. If you're lucky, you'll learn exactly what you need to the succeed next time.

Failure Is Part of Success

Almost every entrepreneur and small business owner can regale you with stories of their failures. Starting a small business is a risky endeavor, and not every part of the plan is going to go smoothly. Failure, however, is a great teacher; it's all in how you respond to it.

Keep Moving Forward - No Matter What

Successful start-ups and entrepreneurs can't settle for "just fine" - especially in the early years. In order to grow, you must continually push the bar forward, even if it means enduring through some ideas that don't work out so well. Be wary of distractions and getting lost in the details; it can be tempting to dedicate too much time to what you know and avoid the tasks that challenge you. 

Use Passion as Your Fuel

Ideas, strategies, and business plans are a necessary part of any start-up; you will never get off the starting line without them. But the real asset you bring to the table is your passion. All the strategies in the world are meaningless if you lose your passion for what you do, and this is challenging especially when things aren't going smoothly. Keep at the top of your mind why you started your business, stay on mission and use your passion to endure even when the going is rough.

Lean Into Failure

Instead of being discouraged by ideas that don't work, regroup and pull apart what happened. Examine everything to find out why it didn't work, and be honest with yourself about the results. Maybe it was a bad idea, maybe your target market was wrong, maybe the execution was flawed - whatever the reason it is an important part of your learning curve. Revise your strategy (and maybe even your vision) as a result of what you learn (and see point #4 - dig into your passion to keep you going).

Balance Patience and Action

It's easy to feel impatient when starting a new business; but take time to do research, solicit advice and build a solid foundation. Once you're ready, though, don't procrastinate. Even if your strategy doesn't work out exactly as planned, you will learn valuable lessons and can revamp your strategy accordingly. 

Ask the Experts

No matter what has happened, it's a guaranty that someone has been through this experience before you. Reach out to fellow entrepreneurs and experts for advice. Look for communities and associations in your industry, and get active. You are not in this alone, and resources abound to help you through harder times. If part of your business plan is well outside your wheelhouse, hire a consultant, agency or expert employee; don't try to do it all yourself.

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