SME design: how to make your office look spectacular

Your small business idea is hotter than a coal fire, it’s got investors on tenterhooks and its lighting up the internet like a comet flaring through the night sky.

But you’re suffering one problem – as soon as investors visit your business premises, they become damp squibs to your concept.

Why? Because your workplace looks about as appealing as a fetid Greek salad.

First impressions count – which is why your office has to look spectacular if you want to keep prospective investors hooked.

Think of Google and they’re elaborately designed labyrinths of office luxury.

Think of your local business complex with its pristine flooring and tasteful modern art.

Think of every great business space you’ve ever entered. They gently whispered their personality in your ear, seducing you into enjoying your stay.

This is what you’re aiming for in your workplace, somewhere that will appeal to your clients and employees alike.

To get you started, consider a few of these tips below – they’ll spruce up your office without blowing a hole in your budget.

The exterior

As we already pointed out, first impressions count – and the first thing prospective clients are going to see is the exterior of your workplace.

So let’s make sure it looks spiffy. Start by purchasing a top notch doormat from a company like The Mat Factory, which provides great mats for any occasion. We recommend a Dirt Trapper from their range to show your commitment to comfort.

Then grab a few pot plants from your local Homebase to add some greenery to the environment. After that, pick up a few pots of paint and make that exterior look warm and welcoming. These may seem like small steps, but they’ll show that you’re interest in every aspect of the customer cycle.

Interior art

People love a generous dollop of personality when they walk into a workplace, not anodyne inspirational artworks laden with phrases like “Climb the mountain of inspiration” or “Every day is a positive day”.

Bear this in mind when you’re lining your walls with artwork. Ask employees what they’d like to see, combine their opinions with yours, and find an appropriate middle-ground that’ll please everyone.

Keep things open

Check online and you’ll find hundreds of articles debating the merits of the open office. Some think they reduce productivity or lead more dominant workers to lord it over everyone else. Others believe they increase creativity and make for a more sociable environment.

Whatever your views on the subject, open plan offices are appealing on a simple aesthetic level. They allow more light into your working space, which will make employees happier as they go through their working day.

When a client walks into your offices, they’ll see a team of sociable workers in a bright and airy environment, making them instantly more favourable towards your company.

That’s just a few suggestions on how you can add some WOW to your offices. Got any suggestions of your own? Then let us know in the comments below!

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