Social Media Ultimate Branding Guide for Your Business

Websites are essential for a business but in this era, the more your brand’s presence on social media, the better. Because people surf the Internet throughout the day as they do not feel bound by any restrictions. Thanks to Internet packages and the like that make it easy for individuals to surf the net even when on the go. This means that companies have to fight hard to break through the clutter.

As a guide to help you, here are a couple of branding tips that can help your business stay on top on social media platforms. 

Brainstorm Your Brand Name

Consider your brand name as an opportunity for you. An opportunity that will help you to promote a positive image of yourself. The brand name that you choose should give a positive impression of your company and the products. Some brands choose their brand name without putting in much thought to the effect that it will have or the type of image that the name will portray. You can ask around for ideas if you feel that you are confused about the names. Brainstorm and come up with a name that reflects the mission of your company. You can write down all the names that come to your mind and later find synonyms of those words. Or perhaps look for the same words in other languages. 

There are many ways that you can adapt to make your brand name attractive and unique at the same time. However, do not forget to choose a name that reflects you as a company and brand as well.

Choosing the Right Network

Once you are done with the selection of an appropriate name, you have to select the right social media platform to promote your brand. For instance, if you are a steel manufacturer, you cannot choose to promote yourself on Tumblr. That is the perfect example of branding gone wrong. You will have to analyze and research the demographics of your target audience. This will help you to judge the types of social media platforms that they are most active. Apart from putting in the effort on research, you will also have to make use of common sense. You will have to look at the nature of your product and judge the type of platform that is most suitable for promoting it. 

Do not Underestimate Visual Branding

Social media is all about making your posts and branding look attractive. That could be achieved when you make use of visuals. No one has time to read novel long posts that you put on your page. People do not feel like clicking the ‘read more’ tab as a post longer than 3-4 sentences means a boring one (most of the times). Therefore, use visual branding to your advantage. Make use of distinct visuals. You can hire a graphic designer to help you come up with unique ideas. You can also choose to post memes and gifs as a part of your visual content. It makes the post more relatable and funny at times. Apart from that, it also gives an impression to your audience that you stay updated with the latest trends. 

One of the brands that make the best use of visual branding is Coca-Cola. The company comes up with most eye-catching posters and visuals. You should also aim at keeping the consistency of design and color across all of your social media platforms. The visitor should not get a feeling that the company has 2-3 different ‘personalities’ when visiting the different social media platforms for that company.

Topic Consistency

Another thing that you should pay particular attention to is the consistency in the topics that you discuss on the social media platforms. Pick topics that are close to your industry. Do not start posting about random topics. Because this will welcome random people to your posts as well. People who will have no interest in your product or service but are just there to be a part of the discussion. This can misguide you into thinking that you have a potential client amongst those random people as well. You do not want that for your company. Therefore, put some thought while brainstorming the topics that you want to post about. 

Apart from all this, you should provide your contact details on all your social media platforms. And make sure that your company provides the best customer service to the callers. Because a satisfied inquirer will always return to you. And will most likely become a client too.

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