Solo Traveler? Don’t Miss to Have These Apps on Your Phone

Many explorers and travelers find solo trips as most rewarding. However, no matter how exciting the experience seems, setting off to an unfamiliar place alone is always a bit intimidating. But no need to worry when you have a smartphone loaded with some cool apps in your hand. 

Planning for a solo trip? In this article, you’ll find some solo traveler-friendly iOS apps. 

From booking cheap flights and hotels to finding nearby restaurants to enjoy local cuisines, interacting with local people even if you are unfamiliar with the local language to find the best deals for local tours - everything becomes easier when you have these travel apps on your smartphone. 


You can think of this application as the Tinder for solo travelers. However, rather than looking for dates, you can look for other travelers who are heading in the same direction as you and have a similar type of interests. Once you find a match, you both can message each other and meet up. 

The interesting fact about this app is that it lets you earn bonus points which you can use to get special deals on local tours, restaurants, hotels, bars, and pub crawls. 


Made a sudden plan? Looking for last minute cheap flights? Get Hopper. It analyzes billions of flights to your destination and finds the best deal for you. Also, it will show you the best time to fly to your destination. If you have a flexible travel schedule, Hooper is a must-have on your phone. 

Google Translate

With this app, you will have no trouble communicating with the local people even if you are unfamiliar with the language. This app has a “conversation mode” that makes interacting with people easier. Though you have to be ready to get some silly translations along with the lag time. 


If you love traveling alone but don’t like dining alone, you should get Eatwith. This app connects you with the local people with whom you can enjoy anything related to the local food experiences like cooking classes, wine tasting, dinner parties, etc. Also, if you have dietary restrictions, you can filter food experiences accordingly.


Navigation can be a real pain when you are traveling to an unfamiliar place. With this app being present on your handset, you can pin all the sights and locations you are about to visit or want to. Easily you can get the required route details to your destinations. Moreover, you do not even have to worry about a decent WiFi signal as this app works perfectly fine in offline mode. 


This app has been built exclusively for women travelers. With the help of this app, female travelers can find suitable travel companions. Simply you just have to plug in the destination along with the travel dates and accordingly, Tourlina will find the potential traveler partners for you. You guys can message each other and plan something together.


It is another interesting app for female travelers. The main focus of this app is to build a community for them. In case of any emergencies like losing your wallet, you can simply drop a message there and the other female travelers in that particular or nearby destinations will be notified that you are in trouble and need help. Helpful, right?

Other than these above-mentioned apps, make sure your smartphone has apps that help in converting currency, checking weather updates, booking cars or cabs, etc. These cool apps will make sure you can enjoy your trip without any hassle. 

But enough about other apps. Have an interesting travel app idea that can help out the solo travelers? Great! Get in touch with a trusted iOS app development company and hire the best mobile app developers to work on it. 

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