Steps to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Vacation Home

As summer approaches, you start heading towards your vacation home to unwind and make the most of your weekends. You probably have plans to visit a beach nearby and enjoy sunbathing. But as you enter your vacation home, you smell the dampness in the air and observe mold growth on the walls. This breaks your heart with disgust and you probably take up cleaning tasks instead of enjoying your summertime.

Such things are likely to happen particularly when any place is left unattended for few months. Mold growth can easily happen on wallpapers, wood products, carpets, fabric, ceiling tiles, cardboard, drywall and insulation. In order to ward off the last minute disappointments due to mold, you must take certain steps to prevent it. Here’s what you should do.

1. Remove unnecessary items

Removing clutter and unnecessary items out of the house is the first step that you should take. This is because if your house is dumped with several unnecessary items, it becomes difficult for your HVAC system to circulate air. Moreover, the supply grilles get blocked and condensation is caused causing mold growth on the walls. Also make sure that you get rid of all the items that have mold on them so that it doesn’t spread any further.

2. Get rid of stranded water

Find out if there are small water puddles in and around the house. Check around places like sump pumps, freezers, basement doors, water tanks etc. There is also a possibility of foundation leaks and ground water dampness. If you aren’t an expert in checking these things, consider hiring water damage restoration professionals. Remember that stranded water can cause a lot of moisture leading to mold growth and you will definitely not like the results.

3. Check the size of AC unit

Even if you rarely use the air conditioner at your vacation home, you must ensure that it is of the right size.  A small unit can prove to be quite expensive and a big one will start and stop incessantly which wastes a lot of energy. This can cause temperature fluctuations. Try installing HVAC unit of the right size. It will definitely make a difference.

4. Set up a dehumidifier

As the name suggests, a dehumidifier removes excessive moisture from the air. And needless to say, the chances of mold growth will lessen if it is installed at the right place. There are whole house humidifiers available in the market. These can be attached to the furnace and have the capacity to take care of air circulation in the entire house. As it can be connected to a drain, you don’t even have to empty your tank. If your house is around humid areas or a beach, a dehumidifier is all you need.

5. Get in touch with professionals

If you observe a lot of mold growth, there is no need to get upset or distressed. As such, mold inspection and removal can be taken care of in a better way by professionals. They also have all the necessary equipment to eliminate mold from your surroundings. Find out about the nearest water restoration company in your area and ask for a quote. As these companies work 24/7, you can call them anytime and they will provide you with all the mold remediation and restoration help you need.

Your vacation home is your second home. So make sure you take the above steps and deal with mold growth at the earliest!


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