Still gettng hit by Penguin in 2016? Here is how to remove that penalty

Google’s first Penguin algorithm update in 2012 was targeted at websites that achieved a higher ranking through the use of paid link schemes. Now even as late as today in 2016 I still see people with penalised sites having difficulty dragging their site out of this problem, this is due to this update carrying on into 2016 so you must get it sorted.

Kalexiko a web company in Birmingham’s SEO expert told me “We see increasing people coming to use with Penguin damaged sites over the last year many that they have worked on themselves and increased the damage you need to follow a set set of guidelines and be very careful not to remove good links as you to repair the damage. And SEO expert is paramount to help you here

let me help you with this.

Prior to the algorithm update in 2014, it was normal to increase the ranking of a website by using multiple anchor texts that were an exact match for one competitive term. This creates an un-natural backlink footprint. Now even as late as today in 2016 I still see people with penalised sites having difficulty

This link method was in vogue for a number of years until Google decided to clamp down on websites that have used this to gain an advantage in the SERPs. Google’s style of implementing the Penguin punishment is by refreshing the index every 3-6 months and stripping pages that have an unnatural backlink of their positions in the search index. In many cases, the site will lose 50 positions for an over optimised search term. In worst case scenarios, the site will no longer rank for the particular keyword.

How can you get out of a penguin penalty?

The process of getting out a penguin penalty is relatively simple and straightforward. Penguin is the most feared update, and rightly so. However, there are steps that can be taken to remove the penalty that has been placed on a website.

This is easier to accomplish because the penalty is algorithmic. As a penalised web owner, you don’t have to appeal to Google to release your site from a Penguin penalty. Instead, you can take the required steps and wait for the next Penguin refresh.

Breaking out of the penalty however requires a lot of patience and some hard work must go into naturalising the anchor text ratio for your website.

Understanding how to naturalise the backlink profile site

The first thing here is to understand what a natural backlink profile is made of. The profile should include:

  • Branded links (name of your website or a naked URL)

  • Benign anchor text (click here, check out this website, see here, view more, read more)

  • Long tail LSI conversational anchor text

  • Links from a wide range of class B+C IP addresses

What is the right distribution for the anchor texts to create a natural profile?

  • 70% of the links directed at the site should be branded links

  • 10% of the link profile should be benign anchors

  • 5% should be conversational anchor directed at the home page

  • 15% should be conversational anchor directed at deep pages

These percentages are an estimate as the topic is still a raging debate among SEO experts. However, as you vary your anchor text distribution, one thing you must avoid, is the use of exact match anchor texts in your backlink profile.

So what are the steps for breaking out of a penguin penalty?

  • Link building: This involves running a PR campaign that involves targeting top quality business directories and embracing high syndicated press releases. Profiles created should be created using images and hand spun text and they should be interlinked where possible. This will increase the chances of Google indexing them. This results in the creation of a branded link graph, brand signals and equally builds trust. When properly done, this will yield over a thousand branded links.

  • Integrate as many main social media profiles as possible

  • Reach out to owners of sites already linking to the affected site and ask for a change of anchor text. It could cost a fee in some cases. When you have exhausted all options to change the undesirable anchor links, collate the remaining undesirable backlinks and submit them to Google’s disavow tool. This will ensure that the links won’t count towards your ranking.

If there wasn’t too much damage done already, this process mentioned here should push the backlink profile to a more natural ratio of branded links vs contextual anchors.

Once the anchor text ratio returns to an acceptable level, your site will be released from the Penguin punishment. If this doesn’t happen automatically, simply wait for the next Penguin refresh.

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