Stop Overpaying Today And Follow These 8 Tactics

In today’s bad news, you have probably been overpaying all these years. How do you ask? That blender you bought at full price two days before it went on sale. That $15 shipping fee you paid. That TV you bought for 30% more than what another store was offering. Yes, these are all the ways many of us end up paying more than what we could have.

It just takes a few minutes to search on the internet to find a better deal or a coupon. Yet, many shoppers completely forget and go ahead buying things at full price. At this rate, you will not have much savings left in the next few years.

Here are a few things you wish you had known before:

Track the prices

If you do not know about price tracking and comparison websites, you must be living under a rock. Jokes aside, these websites really are helpful. Imagine buying something expensive and then finding out another store is selling it for half the price. What a tragedy!

One website that tracks goods prices especially those on Amazon is Camelcamelcamel. You will ignore the weird name once you find out how accurate it helps you find the lowest possible price. It even indicates if the price might get lower soon.

Special discount for the broke students

You are not alone when you think you are broke at college. Many students like you are struggling with money. That makes it difficult to buy all the things you would love to buy. But wait, there is a twist. Your very student identity can get you those things for cheaper. Voila, student discounts!

Many retailers offer exclusive discounts for students. All you have to do is show that student ID and claim your discount. These discounts are available online as well as in store. Now you can easily get all the latest trendy clothes and shoes without breaking the bank.

Buy off-season

Once the hype around a certain holiday is over, prices go down. Just head to a bakery after Valentine ’s Day or the fireworks section after the New Years Eve and you will see for yourself. This is a classic example of demand and supply. During these holidays, the demand for such stuff is high so prices go up. Once the season ends, the prices go down.

For instance, you may be able to get winter apparel at incredibly low discounts in Spring once the winter is over. Similarly, you can get great deals for outdoor furniture in the winters because no one is buying that to freeze out in the cold.

Trade-in your old stuff

In case you did not know, the old mattress you thought was useless is not quite useless after all. There are trade-in offers to go on at big retailers all the time. For instance, did you know you could trade your old electronics for a gift card at Best Buy? Well, something that may seem worthless to you may just save you some bucks off the new one.

Things like electronics, couches, appliances, mattresses, and baby chairs or strollers have trade-in possibilities. If you are looking to replace one, just quickly search online for a trade-in offer before leaving it out on the walkway.

Enjoy free services

So you just bought a fancy new elliptical trainer to shed those few extra pounds you gained over the Thanksgiving week. You probably do not know but the company offers free installation. If you do not avail such an offer, you are not doing right. Many times such free services are usually mentioned but many times they are not in which case you need to ask them. And does it hurt to ask?

Did you know that  Gill Marine offering free returns?  You can return any unwanted piece within 30 days of delivery of the item. There are such freebie services everywhere. You just have to know about them at the time of shopping. Don’t be shy, go ahead and ask if they can install your new TV for free.

Online coupons from coupon sites

Don’t wait for the retailers to send you coupon codes in your inbox. The hub for finding discount codes is coupon sites. That is where you will find coupons for virtually all kinds of retailers. You probably end up paying full price when there is no sale going on at the store. However, you can still save money by applying a coupon code.

If not discount, then you can probably save money by applying free shipping codes. Many people are unaware of these websites even though they are super helpful.

Store Apps
If there is an app for the store you shop at, you have got to download it. Retailer apps are not just for convenience, they are also a way to earn exclusive discounts. You get notifications when a sale goes up. Many stores offer exclusive discounts when you buy through the app. Also, you can compare prices right there on your mobile phones.

This is mainly because most people now shop from their mobile phones. Therefore, retailers want to make the experience all the more convenient. All major retailers have their own mobile shopping apps that can be downloaded with just a tap.

Price Matching

Found the item you just bought for much cheaper somewhere else? Don’t worry and see if the store you bought it from has a Price Match Guarantee. Many stores have a price match guarantee that basically makes sure you get the cheapest price possible. If you find a cheaper price somewhere else, they will match the price even after it has been sold. You will get the extra you paid back in cash or credit.

Price matching can come in very handy during the holiday season. Item prices go down in just a day and you can get your money back if the price drop was a significant one.

Final Words

Stop overpaying for things when you can easily get them for cheaper and save up. If you just get a little more discount savvy, there is nothing that you cannot walk away without a discount. The problem is that many shoppers are unaware of these tricks. Well, now you know some ways to avoid paying the full price. Use these as often as you can to save your money.

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