SEO is a topic that most of us know and are aware of since it's a strategy we all use to get organic traffic to websites. I've been a SEO for what is 11 years now and it's crazy how much it has changed and evolved. 

Search engine optimization was a deciding factor for myself when launching my business. It took me 3 years to reach 6 figures and next year we're projecting 7 figures. Very exciting for all of us.

One crucial piece of advice I can give is to "never stop learning." From West Virginia SEO to an international brand in 4 years, one of the greatest gifts for me is giving back. I help others that want to change their life. 

My first successful SEO business has allowed me to grow 2 more companies and meet incredible people. I recently founded an entrepreneur group in West Virginia to help turn around the state's economy. It's a big challenge but I'm super excited about it.

For me and I'm sure many others, SEO is much more than ranking keywords. It was my lifeline at one of the hardest stages of my life and the reason I get to spend time with my family on my terms. 

They say opportunity will come to you, but I think different, I believe we have to create our own opportunity and life is what we make it. 

I want to leave you with this. Since most of you guys and girls are here to network, grow your business and change your life, make sure you "never give up." Know your goals, visualize those goals and be a goal killer.

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