SugarCRM Development Case Study: Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co

When it comes to the best audio systems in the world, there are only two brands we can think of: Bose & Sennheiser. The German giant has recently decided to get rid of the homegrown ecosystem for customer data management. And integrated SugarCRM to hear the better sound of the data.

Some of the Challenges Identified by Sennheiser:

Sennheiser heavily relied on the systems and flows developed by their developers over the years. One of the biggest challenges was to integrate these tools with SugarCRM; such as:

  • IBM Connections: Intranet collaboration
  • JD Edwards Enterprise: ERP
  • MicroStrategy: Business intelligence
  • Spredfast: Social Media Monitoring
  • Evalanche: Marketing Automation
  • Skype4Business: Customer calls

Apparently, their CRM was not able to process all of this data and provide a central view of the same. Therefore, in order to make the best use of the available data, one must first correlate this data. The Executives identified the need for a robust CRM to ensure that their global workforce gets a 360-degree view. From the CRM point of view, it must be a comprehensive solution. As it needs to fit within the expansive sales channels and integrate customer services & marketing efforts.

Scope of the Solution: The “must-have” list created while selecting the CRM included:

Sennheiser listed Sugar as the best fit for their complex requirements

  1. Support for globally distributed users & customers
  2. Cost-effectiveness and yet ensure the seamless integration of Sugar with their ERP, BI & Social Media Monitor
  3. Advanced Workflow
  4. Support for B2B & B2C Sales, Customer Services, and Marketing
  5. On-premise integration to ensure Govt data security regulations

Results of the Integration:

The SugarCRM development team deployed the solution which was to run across 40 countries. They implemented Sugar first for the B2B sales and then applied to the B2C. And then gradually applied this to various other verticals. The result was that the data insights across verticals became possible.

Sugar made integration between marketing and customer services. The Sugar deployment bridged the customer lifecycle data with the new sales leads. The impact was to be able to convert customers as personal users. This data led to an increase in cross-selling.

Sugar helped Sennheiser to chart the customer lifecycle and to sell with one to one approach. It became really easy to apply the learning from a given customer follow-up cycle to convert another one. It all became available due to the Sugar deployment. Further, the Audio Electronics giant plans to expand the scope into social media for marketing & lead generation and to create a workflow mechanism as a process.

SugarCRM Customization & Deployment:

Sugar is one of the leading enterprise CRM software available today in the market. The build of the solution ensures the ability to process large data streams. It is also an ideal CRM software that you can easily integrate with various tools. The primary reason why Sennheiser choose Sugar over the other CRMS is that it can customize the processes to suit your needs.

Every business runs with its own defined processes. Traditionally, that was the primary reason why the industry leaders opted for a custom CRM. Sugar is one of the best with respect to customizations of CRM. Therefore, if your needs for customized processes are equally demanding, Sugar could be the answer to each and every one of your needs.

SugarCRM Development for Your Business:

You might already have Sugar installed or you could be the one vetting your options right now. As technical experts with a number of successful Sugar extensions on the Sugar Outfitters, Biztech can be your guide through this extremely complex process of SugarCRM development and customizations. Some of our best extensions are Survey Rocket, SugarCRM WordPress Customer Portal, and TapCRM.

Based in Ahmedabad, Biztech is one of the leading IT Products & Services providers. We offer end to end SugarCRM customization services along with ready to use products. We have a dedicated team of skilled developers along with the Sugar ISV Partnership.

As we are an ISO 27001 certified company, we promise high standard practices for information security. In order to get an estimation for your requirements, get in touch with us.

This was our take on the case study published by SugarCRM.

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