Surprisingly Simple Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips

You’d think, considering how much is written on it, that content marketing is close to rocket science. It isn’t. In fact, you can be quite effective with only a few simple instructions. The problem isn’t that it’s difficult. It’s that there is so much noise out there that it can be incredibly hard to find the actual signal and do what’s right.

For that reason, in this article we’re going to explore the easy and straightforward way for you to build up your ecommerce content marketing without all the song and dance that doesn’t get you anywhere.

Who are your customers?

This is step one. Yes, it sounds obvious and yet a lot of people overlook it. Find out who your customers are. Do a bit of research. Find out what kinds of things they’re interested in through such tools as Audience Insights in Google Ad Manager. There you can specify who you’re looking to pull into your content and find out what they’re already interested in – including other websites. That last bit will be useful later on, so hold onto that.

Explore your audience a bit. Come at it from several sides. If you’re into dog grooming, for example, list that as an interest and then see what the demographics of the people who state that interest are. Then put in those demographics and see where ‘dog grooming’ lists – or if it lists as well. Add more defining attributes to see if you can hone in on the group more accurately. All this will help give you insights into how your audience actually is, rather than who you think they are.

Find influencers

As you’ve explored your demographics, you might have noticed websites and people popping up. I hope you kept track of those, as those can be incredibly useful. You see, there are two ways to try to grow your audience. You can do it the hard way, where you try to show up on people’s radar one at a time, or you can use other people’s networks to get a jump start.

Obviously, the second strategy is much more effective and one of the best places to start with this effort is to find people who overlap with your desired audience. What you’re looking for preferably is people who influencers who have a product different from your own. In this way, you can help each other out.

What kind of people are you looking for? Anybody with a following, really. This might be blogs that discuss products in your sector or people with sizable followings on social media. If you do look at blogs, make sure you install Moz Bar, as this will let you know how these people actually rank. 

The goal is to connect with them, so simply start by reaching out.  

Create content

Of course, all of that won’t make much of a difference if the quality of your content is poor. Even if it’s average it won’t do you much good as the internet is full of average content. Instead, you’re going to need occasional pieces of truly outstanding content. The aim here is to create the type of content that other people will link to and share, with especially the initially the importance being high-quality links. These are important if you want to climb the rankings in the Google algorithms, so when you do find a topic that you think will resonate don’t hesitate but rewarded essays, hot essay service or supreme dissertations to really make it shine.

Note that the goal here is to occasionally create things that are of high quality, while creating decent quality the rest of the time to satisfy the people who return to your websites for the occasional update.

Some ideas are:

  • The decisive guide to X. The goal here is that these guides really are hugely helpful and offer up insights, statistics and quotes that people elsewhere wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. Note that these are big posts. What you’re looking for is posts that range in the thousands to perhaps the tens of thousands of words.
  • Resources. The idea here is that you create a page on which you collect a huge number of links to useful resources that your customers will need. These kinds of pages can do incredibly well online as people are always looking for pages that act as a jump off point to whatever they need.
  • Whatever is already doing well. Have you got a page that is getting more traffic than you anticipated? Go ahead and give yourself a little fist pump. Now go back to it and make it better. After all, it’s already going to be ranking well and it’s already demonstrated to have traction, so why not focus on making it an effective landing page for your site?
  • Interviews and expert opinions. The great thing about talking about other people on your content marketing site is that if you do so well, then they’ll often talk about what you did on their own networks. In this way, you don’t just get access to your own network but their networks as well.

Rinse and repeat (again and again)

Building an online reputation in this way can take time – particularly if you’re hoping to rank well for search purposes. So from here on in you just have to keep on repeating the above process. It can take a while to start showing up on people’s radars and it can take a few times of showing up before people start recognizing you for who you are.

Therefore, content marketing is a long-term strategy. More importantly, it goes well with other strategies to get exposure. Don’t shy away from buying the occasional burst of ad words and facebook adverts – particularly if a piece of content is doing exceptionally well.

Also, a lot of traffic gets lost because of poorly built sites. Don’t let that happen. Always be monitoring such things as bounce rates and dwell times. These are important numbers as they tell you how people often don’t stick around your site for very long.

Note that different articles will have different bounce rates. If, however, your whole site has a pretty consistent bounce rate then that can signal that you’ve got a design problem that you need to tackle.

Make sure you do, as even a 10% reduction in bounce rates can make a huge difference to your bottom line if you’re getting significant amounts of traffic.

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