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Having a CRM application on your mobile is imperative if you want to empower your sales, marketing, and customer service teams with CRM data access on the move. If your organization has Suite or Sugar CRM at place, TapCRM, a mobile CRM app comes handy to get help you get access to CRM system with your smartphone. Sales representatives and administrators can avail all the benefits of TapCRM alike.

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A plethora of customization modules and rich features have made TapCRM has a favorite Mobile CRM manager of many organizations. It comes with an attractive and user-friendly interface. It has a high-end dashboard with shortcuts for business process. The Calendar Feature enables you to schedule, manage, and track every meeting and all the tasks.

Given below are some of the functionalities that this Sugar/SuiteCRM mobile app offers:

1. Stay in Touch

TapCRM enables you to reach out to your customers on the move. You can call, send an email/SMS, or even locate the prospect on Map with this application. In a way, TapCRM acts as a ‘One for All’ communication tool.

2. Sugar/SuiteCRM-based Functionalities

Be it importing contacts or converting lead, TapCRM makes such Sugar/SuiteCRM related activities easier. You can create a new contact, mass update, or delete records in just a few clicks with this Sugar CRM/SuiteCRM app.

3. Offline Support

TapCRM offers an offline support to fetch data by creating drafts in Sugar/SuiteCRM modules! So, if you have been working at remote locations with no internet access; the data gets synced whenever your status is online.

The New Updates

With TapCRM, the opportunities are unlimited! Recently, your favorite Suite/Sugar CRM mobile app has come up with some enhancements. TapCRM has released a new version 1.1 on January 4, 2018. Here are some enhancements from the recent release:

  • Check-in and Checkouts

    Show your availability status to your sales team. Check-in manually at a later stage if you forget to do it while attending a meeting or while on a visit.

  • Support for Project and Employee Module

    Access different projects in the CRM with our new project module support. Your employees can get access only to the modules assigned to them.

  • Lead Conversion

    It is easy to convert lead in various entities like “Convert to Meeting,” “Convert to Note,” etc. SugarCRM mobile app users can use these features more conveniently.

  • Activity Stream Attachment

    Use the Attachment Feature to share documents, pictures, and more with the fellow team members, However, this feature is currently available only for Sugar 7 version.

Visit our TapCRM page to know more about this mobile CRM app and the recent updates!

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