Techbiz World: Follow These Technology Trends To Lift Your Business

Technology keeps changing with time. In the modern era, technology has particularly proven to be an effective stress buster for entrepreneurs. Smart corporates are using the following top tech trends to make the maximum capital out of their business.

1. 5G Connection

Compromising the quality of internet is compromising on your business.

5G provides you the super-fast internet availability. Everything is switching online and, as a result, the burden on the internet keeps increasing. Naturally, a low-speed internet connection can’t keep up with all this data. So you need to have a 5G connection to avoid quality and speed related issues with the internet. In a nutshell, this technology efficiently streamlines your business.

2. Being Pro-Active On Social Media

Social media has become an important tool to market one’s business. Regardless of what kind of business you are in, social media simply fits all. From the top and established brands to newly arrived businesses, you will see all of them pro-actively spreading a word about themselves on social media. Let me briefly describe some of the major benefits of social media:

  • Awareness of your brand can be promoted effectively through social media channels. A lot of people are using one or the other social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, , so brand awareness will literally reach a new level.
  • By keeping yourself active on social media, your business website will generate some serious traffic. Naturally, this will end up benefitting you and your business.
  • More importantly, you will be in touch with your followers consistently. So, you can take consumers’ feedback very easily regardless of negative or positive. It will eventually help you to lift your business.

3. Video Marketing

“I can imagine everything but marketing without videos” Hellen Zampa, Brand Marketing Assistant at Crowd Writer.

Today, videos have become a go-to tool for marketing. Visual content is extremely helpful to convey complex information to the customers. About 61 percent of the marketers are using videos for marketing purpose.

These stats speak volume about the popularity of videos in modern marketing.

People opt for videos for multiple reasons. When it comes to attracting customer attention, nothing does this job as smoothly as a well-crafted video. Factors like background music, effects and animation play a very important role to stay glued to the screen.

Videos have the potential to increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80%. That’s because people, who are on the go, feel comfortable watching video but even lazy users connect with the video content.

4. Voice-Search Optimization

A large number of the searches are being made through voice search. Especially, the younger generation is shifting towards this trend. That’s why it is estimated that by 2020, roughly 50 percent of the population will be making voice-searches.

These numbers are enough to convince any businessman that why he should optimize voice-search. As mobile users continue to grow, this trend will see a rapid rise in the coming years. Hence, it will prove to be an extremely beneficial tech-trend to multiply your commerce.

5. Remote Workforce

Smart companies believe in hiring remote workers. In fact, this has become the latest trend in modern-day business. There are two prominent benefits of this trend which are briefly mentioned below:

  1. The companies save a lot of money out of it. Since remote workers are working from their own respective places, you don’t have to take office on rent, pay bills, security or other maintenance costs.
  2. The flexibility of hours and location appeals to today’s generation. The millennial lot tends to get bored with one place and one set working schedule. They are more likely to perform better when you allow them some space.

6. Cloud Computing

This technology can be very efficient to boost your overall business. Through cloud computing, you can have access to shared resources. It is based on three models, namely, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

It is one of the best available tech-trend for the companies which are looking for a storage service. Also, it does not take much of our resources as well. So it is cost-effective as well.

For example, if a company has its presence in different geographical locations, the service of cloud computing proves to be a strong tool to maintain healthy collaboration.

7. Chatbots

Feedback is vital in order to build customer loyalty, and nothing beats chatbots to engage with customers. A lot of people would love to exchange a word or two with the chatbots before getting with their shopping.

However, you should be careful about the timing of introducing chatbot to the user. Let the consumer take a round of your site before your chatbot appears otherwise it will create the disturbance.

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