Technology Hacks to Simpily Your Business Life by Lawyer Jeffery Philips

“Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more” — Henry Ford

Being productive is probably the most hammered-upon topic of a young adult employee’s working life. It becomes more of a life saver than merely an admirable quality. As a young lawyer trying to stamp his mark, productivity becomes almost as important as breathing enough air. If your personal life is so shot that you can barely remember the last time you did not eat standing, hopping from one foot to the other trying to cram one more activity in while shoving food down your throat, it’s difficult to see how composed you can be in the courtroom for long. You might want to pay closer attention to these productivity hacks if you  experience high levels of stress and not enough productivity in comparison to your hard work.

There is a lot that you can do with technology to ease your workload and make you more effective career-wise. Whether you think it possible or not, your competitors are taking advantage of new tech, getting as much assistance as they can, increasing their capacity to produce even more, looking for precedents in online databases and liaise with experts around the world. Where will that leave you by the end of the year? Just because law is a profession consumed by tradition and steeped in ceremony, doesn’t mean you need to live in the Dark Ages. We like to refer to Jeffrey Phillips (a lawyer in Russellville, AR), who shared some great hacks that you can do to make your days easier.

Hack Your Email with Sane Box

If you still feel that checking your email each time is akin to psychological warfare, sane box is the ideal life-saver for you. While cleaning up your inbox, setting priority options, reminders, and offering great filter options, sane box keeps your email clutter free, and ensures you do not have a mild crisis every time you check your emails. The CEO of Kiss Metrics – Brian Kelly testifies to its efficiency, “Your product rocks. I can’t live without it. It’s in the top three, phone, email, Sane Box”

Jeffrey Phillips, says “In law firms these days you need multiple email accounts (info, documents, Jeffrey@), and barely get 5 minutes when an email isn’t hitting. Sane Box has helped to get the email flow in check. It means you can focus on a closing argument without the anxiety of having to respond to an email NOW!”

Using this software will clean up your inbox in minutes. Set filter options like snooze, where you can ask the email to come back later. Also, use Sane Black Hole to unsubscribe you from email lists that you have no idea how you got onto in the first place.

Starting from $7 per month, this is great value for your money.

According to Adobe we spend an average of 4.5 hours per day checking email. That’s over half the day gone!  Over the span of a career that’s almost 50,000 hours spent sorting your email. Now, imagine if you weren’t part of the statistic, if you claimed back your hours whilst everyone else was still stuck in the same place. More relaxed time to get to the heart of the legal side of a case will mean you are better at what you do!

Implement this hack now!

Hack Heavy Documentation with Dragon

The sheer amount of documenting and note taking you do are perhaps the least glamorous fixtures in the life of a young lawyer. Using note dictation software takes away much of the stress, enabling you make notes on the go.

Dragon’s software can help you to streamline your processes.  Their voice recognition software allows you to dictate instead of type up your notes, and even email them to colleagues, share to cloud storage or just autosave on your device.

Used voice recognition software in the past and had issues?  Dragon uses a unique profiling technique combined with self-learning. Over time the system adapts to your individual speech patterns and phrasing meaning it is a lot more accurate than most.

Hack Your Focus with Regular Breaks

There’s only so long you can maintain optimal levels of concentration without feeling like you’re floating about in a daze. Intensity levels become increasingly difficult to maintain after a while. Research has proven that short breaks vastly improves the ability to focus on tasks.

If you've been poring over the sane document for hours yet making little headway, it is probably a sign that you need a break. Stepping away for just 10 minutes every 50 minutes can keep your productivity and creativity soaring. You’ll find it much easier to find a case-breaking clause, or pursue a brilliant alternative when your head isn’t cluttered from working for long stretches.

Hack Meetings with Video Conferencing

Getting expert advice from professionals, information from colleagues and holding meetings with clients who live in other regions doesn’t always have to involve physical commute. With advances in software there really is no reason to sacrifice flexibility, productive hours, and effective time management. You can offer better value to your clients and bill more productive hours if you transition some of your meetings online.

Hack Client Billing with Invoice Berry

E-billing software eliminates the problems associated with the traditional method of billing. E-billing software allows for greater flexibility and creates room for increased levels of efficiency in the invoicing and bill payment process. Trusted by top law firms, invoice berry has received excellent ratings from customers who say “it is the easiest way to keep record of clients billing”.

If you have clients in different language, no problem! Send invoices in different languages.  Their easy to use template system will save you a ton of time.  Edit & save your templates for future use and bill your clients in 10 seconds where it used to take 10-15 minutes.

Law is a profession where sifting through endless reams of paper can take its toll. You need to get flow, routines, and processes in place to drive your productivity. You will find these hacks useful in having more flexibility, maintaining some order in your professional life, and helping with stress management.

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