The 12 Commandments of Successful Youtube Merchandising

How to market yourself online is becoming quite the confusing business and sometimes makes no sense at all how a girl explaining her makeup routine on Youtube becomes a must-watch channel.

Instead of complaining as to how almost any Joe Blow can reach fame for free, you gotta jump on the wagon and take advantage of this new era of marketing online. With Youtube being one of the predominant video platforms online, you can sell or transmit anything to the world. Unfortunately this means that there are many people just like you trying to do the same. So how do you stand out? Follow these 12 simple tips on successful Youtube Merchandising and you'll be the next Joe Blow who's somebody and people will want to buy your product!

Design something you would actually buy!

Just like in anything, if you are passionate about your product you will sell it better because you believe in it. Here a a few things you gotta ask yourself: Why is my product worth it? Would I spend my money on it? What role will it play in people's lives? 

Target audience is everything!

Who are you trying to sell to? Senior citizens that go to the gym on early Sunday mornings? Hipsters that hang in trendy coffee shops? Craft beer lovers? Punk concert goers? Once you get your audience straight, you will get a clear idea of how to market your product.

Make sure you have a kick ass brand!

Carefully craft your brand to make it appeal to your target audience. Popular brands on Youtube have logos, slogans, and even corporate colours. For example, everyone knows what the shade of Facebook blue is. Now that's branding. Before you start selling your product on Youtube, you gotta think of your brand in order to make a bigger impact in the online community! Once you've got a clear idea, sell your brand like no tomorrow. And don't forget to use other social media channels to promote further.

Hire a pro designer!

If there's no one on your team who's good at design, make sure you hire someone. If you have a kick ass brand but no design to back it up, it will go nowhere. We don't want bubble letters from the 90's please. It may be expensive to hire a designer, but it is worth the investment. It will make or break your brand!

Analyze trendiness!

Use Google Analytics and Google Trends to check out the popularity of your brand, allowing you to adapt your marketing strategy to become even more successful. Do you have a lot of views? If not, you can include more content or alter your marketing strategy. What time do people typically watch your videos? If it is late Thursday night, that's when you know you should be promoting your newest and most important content. 

Be nice to your followers! 

This is your fan-base and you gotta treat them well! Listen to the comments and feedback and respond to them. If you have a larger group of followers you could always get them involved in some sort of 

T-shirt design or a “who wore it best” contest, to play for a free T-shirt or something else that is relevant.

Who's your competition?

It's important to know who's out there to adapt your marketing style continuously. Even with your product...can you make it better, cooler? You have to keep in mind that you won't be the best from the very beginning and that you have to get inspiration from your fellow competitors. 

Let your creative juices flow!

If you're part of this digital marketing world chances are that your are creative. This world moves fast and you gotta be quick on your feet and filled with fresh ideas constantly. Badges and mugs are already done, but for example plush dog toys created by Jenna Marbles were quite creative. Maybe you can start selling your T-shirt designs as adult colouring books, for example? 

Analyze your channel popularity!

What makes your channel popular? Is it your frequent video uploads? Audience engagement? Beautiful layout? Which video has the most views? Find out and cash in on it. 

Produce high quality merchandise!

Make stuff you would buy. You don't want a T-shirt that will rip in a few weeks or for an online order to arrive all dirty and torn. Treat your own customers with the same love you would treat yourself. 


Youtube is a great way to launch your product but you want to prevent it from becoming an infomercial! Here are some ways to prevent this from happening: 

  • Use social media to promote instead of videos: Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Collaborate with other YouTuber's to promote their merchandise. 
  • Put a link in every description box, but don't mention it.
  • Wear your product. But act effortless and cool. You don't wanna be a walking billboard. 

Where to sell your merch? 

You gotta love this digital age. It is really cutting your costs as there are platforms that allow you to sell your merchandise for little to no investment. There are websites that work by printing as they sell, meaning no minimum order and no investment. Some of these awesome platforms are: 

Now, all you gotta do is set up that YouTube channel and away you go! Happy YouTube merchandising!

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Comment by Andrew Grant on January 6, 2017 at 5:06am

My YouTube channel is actually my hobby. I really hope it will bring me money soon. I'm planning to get my channel to the new level by joining . A good friend of mine, who is a famous YouTuber, says it works!


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