The Benefits of Custom Adhesives Over Mechanical Fixings

Mechanical fixings have been used for so long that the vast majority of people use them somewhat instinctively. This is exactly the same in commercial and industrial settings as well, where the need to fix anything to anything else often involves the use of physical or mechanical accessories. From bolts to brackets to screws and everything else along the same lines, it’s a cheap, reliable and generally effective way of getting the job done.

But what if there was a better way? What if, along with coming up with a better result, it was also possible to make things even cheaper?

In industries where fixing, joining and mounting represent key elements of the job – largely any area involving production – custom adhesives are slowly but surely being tried, tested and turned to. By working with a reputable 3M Preferred Converter, it’s possible to have an adhesive product designed and manufactured from scratch in direct accordance with its ultimate purpose.

And in terms of the benefits of doing so, the advantages are as abundant as they are undeniably appealing:

Time Management

For example, the use of adhesive to join two parts or components together can be exponentially faster than using mechanical fixings. With minimal drying times and absolutely no additional accessories or tools required, it becomes incredibly quick and easy to assemble and produce pretty much anything. Efficiency in the production area is often gauged by production rapidness in conjunction with output quality – custom adhesives can improve both.

Enhance Aesthetics

Another enormous benefit of using a custom adhesive is the way in which it creates a join which is effectively invisible. The use of mechanic fixings will always to some extent impact the appearance of the product or item in question, often to its detriment. When using an adhesive on the other hand, the join is completely hidden from view and does not have any bearing whatsoever on the overall aesthetic of the product in question.

Smaller Items

Something else to consider is the way in which the smaller an item or component is, the more difficult it can be to work with using mechanical fixings. At least without completely destroying its overall appearance anyway, but this does not apply when using bespoke adhesives. Once again, the join is entirely invisible and such products can be utilised even where service areas are comparatively tiny and awkward.

Lower Production Costs

Not only can custom adhesives work out considerably cheaper than mechanical fixings, but they can also lead to reductions in other operating costs. Not only does the elimination of mechanical fixings eliminate the need for tools or machinery required to install them, but the fact that the production process is significantly sped up also breeds considerable savings.

Longer Life Span

As the invisible join created by way of a custom adhesive is both protected from external pressures and resistant to rust and corrosion, it has the potential to continue serving its purpose considerably longer than a comparable mechanical fixing. Bespoke adhesives are created specifically to work flawlessly with the required materials and conditions for which they are intended, producing joins and fixes that are genuinely permanent.

Stronger, Flexible and Lighter

Also, it should also be remembered that upon removing mechanical fixings from the equation, you also remove the additional weight they would normally add to the product as a whole. Not only this, but custom-made adhesives can be produced in a manner that adds flexibility to the join, which can in its own right help produce final products that are stronger, more resilient and generally more robust for the long-term.

Simple Convenience

Last but not least, perhaps the single most obvious and indeed appealing benefit of making the switch to custom adhesives is the way in which doing so injects a new dynamic of simplicity and convenience into the production process. While it is not to say that using mechanical fixings is necessarily overly-complicated or intricate, it is a process that nonetheless doesn’t come close to the use of adhesives when it comes to simplicity. And it is of course this simplicity and convenience that can lead to faster and more efficient output, increased productivity, superior-quality products and lower operating costs on the whole.

It can be somewhat difficult to grasp exactly how significant the difference can be upon making the switch to custom adhesives, until trying them out personally.  Suffice to say, it tends to be the very epitome of the kind of switch that is only ever made one-way.

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