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Technology may have come a long way over the past decade, but it doesn’t come without its problems. Frequent glitches and slow running times are just two common issues faced by businesses today. Even the largest tech companies suffer from occasional major issues, so why do they occur and how can you protect your company from experiencing too much tech-failure downtime.

Why do problems occur?  

There could be a number of major problems which occur during the launch of new apps or services. Although new apps are typically tested prior to launch, it often isn’t until the actual launch date that various problems are detected.

Most typically, a lot of issues occur due to unprecedented levels of use or user requests. Take the recent problems experienced by the PlayStation network for example. Xbox have experienced the same maintenance issues where users simply cannot log in to the network, or even launch games. Not only are these problems extremely inconvenient for users, but they’re also often time consuming to fix.

Even if a company has thousands of different servers, it’s possible that the actions of just one user can throw a spanner in the works. While many companies obviously want their new apps and services to be successful, some don’t prepare for high levels of early success. Therefore, the servers get swamped and the technical team end up with a backlog of user requests.

How can these issues be addressed?

So, what can be done to prevent system crashes, slow speeds and potential bugs? Well, a lot of major companies use consultants. These mystery consultants help to smooth out bugs and ensure an app launch or software launch runs as smoothly as possible.

Known as DevOps testing, it enables you to not only deploy your code approximately 30 times quicker than your competitors, but also a staggering 200 times quicker for production. Testing involves a digital readiness test to ensure your app or software is ready for launch.

The right consultants, such as the ones from UK based Sogeti, can also help you to identify any changes which need to be made to ensure continuous improvement. Put simply, DevOps testing consultants can really help to minimise the chances of something going wrong, and can also help to speed up app readiness.   

Overall, while some bugs and delays cannot always be avoided, you can minimise them by enlisting the help of DevOps consultants.


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