The Growth of Mobile App Market from 2007 to 2017

Every single person is in love with the mobile app trend. As the time is passing, technology is changing and bringing unique things every time. Mobile devices are making simpler paths for business people to build a strong online presence. Today, in the technological era, there is a full need of mobile apps which are required for the right promotion techniques. SmartPhones are used by millions of people worldwide and this is also one crucial reason for the massive popularity of mobile apps.

History of Mobile Applications

If we take a quick turn in the history to understand the evolution of mobile apps, we will come to know that the first mobile app was introduced by IBM in the year 1993. The app consists of some interesting features like world clock, calculator, contact book, and calendar. Soon after that Blackberry released a SmartPhone in 2002 which was a big achievement in the mobile app development field.

Interesting facts about Mobile Phones

Earlier people were doing calls for only 30 minutes in a day as the battery life was so poor.”

People used to charge their mobile phones for about 10 hours at a time.”

Mobile Phones users were able to call to only that people who were situated in the nearby area due to network issues.”

Now, let’s take a quick view on the state of mobile app growth in the last 11 years

1. VR & AR Supported Chats

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has changed the way people interact. Nowadays people are more interested in real things and for this reason, AR & VR is doing a splendid work on this ground. More and more AR & VR apps are coming to the market and people are becoming addicted to use such apps. It is expected that in 2017, AR and VR will make revolutionary changes in the whole communication modes with different software systems.

2. The Power of IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT apps are playing a crucial role in the life of people. Internet of Things will explore more in 2017 with the help of mobile applications. IoT is making loads of profits and adding revenues to different enterprises. It is expected that this trend will continue in the 2017 year. IoT apps are leveraging profits for various industries like automobile, education, security, and health sectors. This move will escalate in 2017 with an aim to change the whole technology world.

3. UX (User Experience) will take a center stage

Whenever a mobile app development work starts, the primary and crucial task is to focus on user experience. In 2017, you will see a lot more enhancements in the UX of a mobile app. Customer will easily leave your mobile app after facing horrible experience. Therefore, in 2017, mobile apps will focus more on user experience for gaining huge user attraction.

4. More focus on mobile app privacy & security

Usually, it happens that people face a lot of security and privacy problems in the mobile application. In 2017, it is estimated that mobile app will get more enhanced and protective security features. This year will bring some outstanding and safe security features for iPhone and Android applications. The progressive year will build better security functions for protecting mobile applications.

5. Rise of Location-Based Services

Nowadays mobile devices are becoming so popular among all the people and they love using it for their personal and professional work. Location-based services are used by people to know the current location of the person. Such services are getting a wider attraction in today’s technology based world. 2017 will explore with new and innovative location-based apps that people never expected to use in their lives.

6. The Trend of Chatbots will Boom

Chatbots are booming in today’s time by providing the best experience to humans. People enjoy the most while using Chatbots and this trend will widely increase in 2017. The most well-known Chatbots in today’s market are Alexa, Siri, Allo and more such. Mobile app developers are trying their level best to build such Chatbots and are busy in understanding the working of Chatbots. In 2017, we will look many innovative Chatbots based on voice recognition and even personalities which provide smooth interactions.

Now, Let's Look About The Future of Mobile Applications

Since the inception of SmartPhones, the trend of mobile apps is escalating all over the world. People nowadays prefer mobile apps for handling their day to day activities. From 2007 to 2017, the era of mobile apps has completely changed and developers are focusing more on user experience rather than putting unnecessary features in the app. But it is expected that the future of mobile apps is very bright as developers are involved deeply in the innovative mobile app development.

In the coming years, almost every industry will adopt the mobile technology and will work on that accordingly. In this manner, entrepreneurs can face a lot of business benefits and increased revenues. Currently, 85% people are using SmartPhones for accessing anything online. If people will not found your business online, then it will cause a big loss. The technology and trends are increasing at a rapid pace and this will grow continuously in the future years.

Mobile applications have changed the way people communicate. With mobile apps, people feel more comfortable and easier to handle even all the business tasks. Mobile apps are booming around every industry whether it’s manufacturing, travel and hospitality, banking and financial, E-Commerce and Retail, and more such industry sectors.

If you are thinking to start a new business, mobile apps play an important role in building a brand name of your business in the market. Being an entrepreneur, it is a vital task to think from customer’s point of view.
Doing this, you will face huge profits in your business area and will reach to a bulk of audience globally.

Key Takeaways

We all know that Mobile World is a massive world and it is growing at an unstoppable rate. With the increase of Smartphone’s usage among people, the graph of mobile apps has risen in the past 11 years. It is estimated that till 2020, everything will be handled through mobile apps and on SmartPhone only. So from all the above description, it is cleared that the scope of mobile apps will boom in the future years.

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