The Importance of Quality Branding for Your Business

Every household name of today had to start from scratch. There is always a long road ahead of those entering a business up until the point when their name is associated with a specific quality, service, or product.

The power of branding is a slow-moving force which takes a detailed strategy to reach its full potential and put your brand on the pedestal.

Investing in your brand should be a lifelong mission. If it comes to generating revenue in the short-run or building a strong brand name in the long-run, make no mistake - go with the second option!

Here’s why.

Attracting and retaining customers

These two are equally important but require completely different approaches.

When it comes to attracting customers, the key is to under-promise and over-deliver. This leaves room for a pleasant surprise when they realize how awesome your brand really is. In addition to that, it will show them you are giving your best to fulfill and even exceed their expectations.

Keeping them close-by and satisfied takes additional effort. Nurturing the relationship with the existing customers is achieved through constant communication with them.

This can imply:

  • Holding events. These are the perfect opportunities to give away promotional lanyards with your brand name, for example. Onsite branding should be just another means of reflecting the characteristics of your brand.
  • Generating referrals. Surprisingly enough, expertise and reputation referrals yield amazing results. Even if someone never used your product, they should be aware of it. Eventually, they may even recommend it to someone.
  • Sending consistent email campaigns. A consistent template, stamped preview panel, and a logo at the very top should be enough to convince customers you have a strong brand personality.

Buyer personas help branding

Market segmentation is one of the top priorities for a sound marketing strategy. By identifying your ideal customer, you will be one step closer to determining your own brand identity.

Once you are able to create satisfactory content which will appeal to that persona, you can rest assured that your brand image will grow stronger in their mind.

A human touch

Before they even make initial contact with your brand, customers need to feel appreciated and respected – just like in everyday communication.

Personalization is something that transcends plain old selling. It should make your customers feel like you’re actually trying to meet their needs, and not just earn money.

Consistency across all channels

All communication channels you use for promoting your brand should convey the same feeling and message.

Consistent content relevant to your niche should be reflected throughout Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog, or a website. If you change the cover photo on your Facebook page, make sure that the same photo shows up on all the other channels as well.

Brand identity vs brand image

Brand identity is what your business really is. As you may have guessed, identity is what you need to focus on first. It is closely connected with the message you want to convey, and it represents what you think your business is actually all about.

On the other hand, image comes after you have established your identity. It is how your customers or audience perceive you. The biggest mistake a business can make is not being aware of the discrepancies between reality (what people think of it) and desires (what you want it to be).

After all, brand strategy should be carefully planned every step of the way. Earning a strong brand image is not an overnight process and it takes patience. The most important thing is to always keep your audience in mind, no matter what you do.

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Comment by Sudarsan Chakraborty on April 17, 2018 at 2:40pm

great post


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