The Most Overlooked Lead Generation Resource

Most companies have access to a drastically underused resource that makes lead generation significantly easier.

Marketers miss it. Executives overlook it.

What is it?

Your sales team.

You could probably be learning much more from your sales team about lead generation than you realize. Marketers tend to work in a silo that’s separated from sales. We fail to formally agree on a definition of “quality lead” or get into the habit of ongoing collaborations.

The result? It’s often tempting to view “more” as “good” when it comes to lead generation. But that’s not how your sales team views it. Not at all.

If you’re ready to get in sync with sales but aren’t sure where to start, don’t stress. These four key questions will help you learn a lot from your sales team so you can quickly and efficiently align your lead generation goals.

#1: What is a quality lead?

You may think your digital marketing is doing its job. After all, all those paid ads and social media updates are feeding new leads into your database daily.

But there’s one small catch.

Unless you qualify those leads, every single person who lands on your website gets sent to sales—whether they’re ready to buy or just looking for a job. This is where overwhelm begins. It’s often why 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting.

The good news is that your sales team can help you filter leads with the right qualifiers. Ask about job titles, departments, interests and other elements that are easy to capture in lead gen forms and indicate an intent to buy. You can then set up a system to filter out strong leads from information seekers.

#2: What do people want from you?

Your salespeople are in constant contact with your target audiences. They know what it takes to seal a deal and which objections prevent people from buying your products or signing up for your services.

Yet this team is still surprisingly underutilized when it comes time to answer the all-important digital marketing question:

What are our prospects’ greatest challenges and motivations as they relate to what we offer?

Whether it’s through regular updates or the occasional catch up call, getting to know your sales team is always a good practice. Find out what questions they’re getting, what most appeals to prospects and the objections they often hear.

#3: What metrics should we really use?

Many overwhelmed marketers spend a lot of time collecting vanity metrics that aren’t actionable. It’s tough to turn even the most impressive numbers of page views and likes into revenue-boosting insights.

Your sales team offers the key to finding and fixing the gaps in your campaign tracking. What data do they look for? There’s a good chance the metrics used by sales will provide the exact insights you need to transform a campaign from underperforming to high-converting. And all you have to do is ask!

For example, maybe sales doesn’t care how many people opened your last email. They’re looking instead at who clicked on what links and which subject line got them to open it in the first place. You could be using those same metrics to create more effective email campaigns and get a greater return on your investment in marketing automation software.

#4: What kinds of communication work best?

This is where your sales team’s insights are true gold. Do they get more return phone calls or email replies? Do prospects like to schedule one-on-one demos? Or would they rather access recorded webinars on their own time?

These insights will help you determine how to better allocate your time and resources. If you discover your target audience really loves email, you can more confidently invest in marketing automation software. 

Yes, your sales team can teach you a lot about lead generation. You might be surprised at how much you can gain from a single conversation.

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