The Most Promising Startups to Watch in 2019

In today’s hectic business environment, where new businesses seem to disappear quicker than they’ve appeared, it can be quite difficult to determine what you should focus your efforts on. As an investor, you, of course, want to make sure that the business you’ve decided to back up with your finances reaches success so that you didn’t waste your resources in vain. However, the currently oversaturated market really makes it difficult to decipher great deals from the ones that only seem great on the paper. That’s why we’ve put together a small guide on how to choose where to put your money and decide which fresh businesses to back up in 2019.

Focus on innovative businesses

Whenever there’s a fresh business idea on the market, you can be almost 100% sure that it will turn into a profitable business in no time. Since it sometimes seems like everything has already been tried and done, identifying new talent and fresh viewpoint and deciding to invest in it can really do wonders for your bottom line. For example, Huggg is a new business that offers the possibility to send a care package to a person in your life that needs some lift-me-up at the moment. This business idea definitely stemmed from all the care packages, gift baskets and mystery boxes that have been seen before, but the fresh approach to the entire concept makes it interesting enough to consider.

Green businesses are on the rise

Startups that focus and operate with a green mentality in mind are also more likely to succeed. With the state our planet is currently in, it becomes quite obvious why the green movement has found its place in every aspect of our daily lives. With that said, green businesses should also be in your scope if you’re looking to invest. For example, Bulb is a startup that prides itself on helping people reach energy-efficiency fast and easy, so it’s no wonder why it became so popular so quickly.

Help businesses that truly seem to care

Another great investment opportunity is startups that truly seem to care about their customers. Since we are living in a concerningly fast-paced world, businesses that are still willing to stop and pay attention to their customers are the businesses we can expect to see still up and running even ten years from now. However, the fact is that not all such businesses have a profitable business idea in place, so before you decide to invest your capital, try to find out more about how well the business you are interested in is currently doing on the stock market. This and other information you can find on reliable sources, such as the AskTraders stock market news, will help you determine the best investment opportunity.

Support local startups

Small local businesses are arguably one of the most popular investment opportunities, and here’s why. Since they are locally operated, they are able to reach an audience niche that might not be available to bigger businesses. Additionally, people generally like supporting the local economy, and are more willing to do business with a startup that was “born” in their neighborhood. That’s precisely why these businesses present a great investment opportunity. Besides, bigger companies are aware just how much they stand to gain from creating an affiliate program with small local business, and if they are willing to put time and effort in them, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t do the same.

Invest in family-operated businesses

Finally, family-operated startups are another thing you should consider investing in. Now, while there are certainly those that are not looking for any type of investors, there are also those that will welcome you with open arms. Again, similar to local startups, people tend to find these types of businesses more appealing because they are usually more oriented at keeping their customers happy and satisfied, instead of trying to make an easy buck.


So, in order to find the best investment opportunities, always try to stay in the loop with the current state on the market by following relevant sources and staying on point with the current market trends. This way, you’ll be able to identify the best prospects and ensure your future financial success. So, don’t be lazy, research as much as possible and stay alert about all the latest trends happening in the world of stocks.

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