The Perfectionists Guide to Naming an Online Business

Would you shop a pair of shoes from a website called ‘’?Probably not! The name of a business is crucial for its recognition and success. The Name is your identity and it is usually the first thing people hear. Entrepreneurs today are so consumed refining their ideas they often forget to pay attention to their idea’s name.

Choosing the right name for your business is not exactly going to be a piece of cake. Your name has to be powerful, unique and most importantly you. It should represent the idea and values behind your business. If you have a good name, you are already on your way to great branding which is a whole process in its own.

If you have a brilliant business idea and are struggling to find an equally brilliant name, worry not as this simple guide will help you find the best name for your online business. Follow the steps and get yourself a great domain name:

Step 1: Analyze Your Business

What are you selling? How are you selling? Are your services customized? Who are your customers? Who are you? You need to ask all these questions to really get through to your business identity. Obviously the name has to represent your business so this information will do the groundwork for you. For instance, if you are a business whose target audience are Millennials, you already know you have to get a catchy and hip name.

A lot of times budding entrepreneurs are disconnected from the potential consumer base of their business. The persona of your future clients is very important for virtually all your branding and marketing endeavors. If the name will not attract them, you will have to struggle more than normal.

Step2: Understand What Makes a Good Business Name

The name is an identifier, so it has to be perfect and perfect does not necessarily mean it should be out of this world. Many times simple and straight forward titles do much better than whimsical hard-to-read names. There are no hard and fast rules about this, but one simple principle to go by would be to make it smart.

A good business would be smart in the sense that it is specific, articulate, easy to read and powerful. A simple trick to try is to say the name out loud. How does it sound? If it is smart, it will sound good. Regardless of the nature of your business, any name with these said qualities is a definite success.

Step 3: Identify Keywords

For an online business, these keywords are crucial because not only willthey help you come up with a great name but they will also help you with marketing and SEO once your website is up and running. Since online businesses are essentially existing on web so these keywords will help keyword she right domain name. These keywords just tell what your business is about, for example, if your website is selling flowers imported from Colombia then your focus keywords are flowers, Columbian flowers, fresh flowers or imported flower presents. Keywords can have multiple words, but they should be meaningful.

Step 4: Brainstorm Names

Now comes the phase where you will need to sit down with a paper and pen and write down names that come to your mind. If you have followed the above steps,you would be brimming with some really exciting names. Write at least ten names that you think are best for your name. You can even take help from friends or family in coming up with new and interesting business names. You can get instant feedback, too this way.

If you are struggling to find unique names, do not fret. The more common your product or service is the more difficult it gets to find a nice and different name. However, there is help available so just follow the next step.

Step 5: Try the Best Name Generators

There are numerous websites that help you find unique domain names for your online business. You just have to enter the relevant keywords and they generatean array of domain names. The Namobot - business name generator is a great domain name generator for all kinds of businesses. It is one of the best as it generates unique domains that are brand oriented. There are 5 sections of domain types and you can go for the one most relevant to your website. They have over 20 million words available so you can imagine the endless choices you will have.

Step 6: Narrow Down to Top 3 Names

Chances are you yourself have come up with 10 different domain names but you need just one. So in order to find this best one, narrow down your choices to three. Yes, three choices should be more than enough before finalizing the best one. Having more than three to finalize from will only confuse you. You can compare names with each other, say them out loud or run them with friends to rule out the humdrum ones. Now you are almost there to having the perfect business domain!

Step 7: Check for Existing Similar Named Businesses

Once you have your three best business names, just do a quick Google search to see if there is an existing business with the same name. If there is then you can leave out that domain name or maybe tweak it a little if you love it too much.

Remember that your name has to stand out among the crowd. While there is nothing wrong on paper with having a similar name to another business, it just might make things difficult in the future. Many startups struggle with getting recognized and a similar sounding name will probably not help the cause. A unique brand name would be easier to identify and it will be easy to optimize your web pages when your website is up.

Step 8: Finalize Your Business Name!

It is time to crown those lucky words that will be a big part of your life from now on. Just go with your gut and choose the name you like best from the ones you narrowed down to. If you do not have a clear favorite, follow the tips given in earlier steps to find the smartest name.

There you go, you are all set to get your business off the ground and on to the web. Now you just have to get the domain hosted and get your website live.


The domain name of a website carries so much importance, it cannot be stressed enough to find a unique name. Thanks to domain name generators, it is now even easierto find one and that for free too. Just make sure to follow the above steps closely and you can come up with a fantastic title all by yourself. A common or boring name will only make things difficult for you, especially as a startup. You will struggle considerably with getting recognized and optimizing your web pages for SERPs. Come to think of it, a right domain name can this way help you save money too. If it is catchy enough, it will attract an audience and drive traffic on its own.

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