According to name badge research, the company employees who use Name badges / ID tags are acknowledged as professional, friendly, gracious and also gives your company a unified identity.

Employees will be happy if they feel they’re a part of your company, a valued member of your corporate family when they wear these badges. Many companies use badges for effective recognition of employees, employee communication and improving customer care.

One of the best advantages of an Employee Name Tags is that it’s a great equalizer. All your employees are a part of your company and all of them are needed to make your business a success.

There are different types and designs of employee name tags sold in the market, especially by Name Badges International. You can pick anyone that fits your requirement and your company’s design with your company’s logo as well as your employee’s name boldly displayed.

We offer the following range of quality Plastic name badges & Metal name badges, each designed to perfectly complement your requirement.

  • Executive Metal Name Badge
  • Prestige Name Badge
  • Reusable Name Badge
  • Standard Name Badge
  • Oval / Oval Top Shaped Name Badges
  • Big Name Badge
  • Standard Round Name Badge

Employees are obviously benefited by name badges and a great design would make them happier. For inquiries, call Name Badges International at 02 8003 5046 or email and we will revert within the shortest possible time.

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