The Significance of Maintaining Cyber Security in Your Business

Your business requires protection because it cannot afford to lose its data that may result in shutting down of your business altogether. No matter how small your business is, you need to keep it safe from the outside threats lest it is breached and hacked by the scammers roaming around on the internet. They could take advantage of your personal data and use it for their benefit. Small businesses are facing many more threats than bigger companies. It is because the small companies do not pay more attention to the security and safety of their businesses which is why they fall prey to the cybercriminals. The price they have to pay after that is a lot more than the price they would have invested in maintaining a secure system. The negligence comes from different directions. Sometimes it is your fault and sometimes the scammer is too active and smart. What you can do is be vigilant at your end so that the minor errors can be avoided.

The truth is, you cannot avoid using technology because it is not the major workforce of your business that ensures errorless work done in the shortest time. In short, it increases the efficiency of your work. Therefore, you need to protect your system so that all work done is not breached by someone else for their benefit resulting in your loss. Starting from email correspondence to monetary transactions, official presentations to work documents and files – each of these is heavily dependent on technology. If your technology gets infected, it will affect every department of your business. It all started when TalkTalk, a telecom company, was hacked in 2015 which brought the company to a fine of £400,000. Then following that, another company lost piles of records from its storage that resulted in breaching information of 200,000 people.  

Here are a few things that you can do at your end to keep your business secure and protected from unwanted cyberattacks:

Advanced Cybersecurity Understanding

In the UK alone, forty-three percent of the breaches in the business has been reported in the past year. This cybercrime causes these businesses in losing files, software, systems, data, websites, and other intellectual property. How it penetrated in the businesses was by letting the fraudulent scammers impersonating another business to enter in their system via fake emails, viruses, and malware. The businesses had a financial loss of £3,000. This amount could have a substantial effect on the finances of a small business which means that it needs to be avoided by learning the advance means of breaching a system. While you keep your business updated with the latest technological trends, make sure you do not miss out on installing the latest security filters to your system. Very recently, GDPR was implemented in the year 2018 that made the businesses report all the breaches to the Information Commissioner’s office. This brought forward all the times the business faced cybercrimes.

Having said that, people running the businesses need to know the advanced tools to combat foreign scammers. On the individual level, you need to make sure you keep your system secured and protected by putting passwords on all your accounts and not sharing them with anyone, not even your team members. You should keep your systems shut down or locked when not in use. Most important of all, you need to keep your internet secured because most of the crimes one face come from poor internet connections.

Date Leakage Safety

As said before, losing your data could cause a lot of harm to your business, which is why you need to make sure nobody intervenes your system. Sometimes it can be caused by your own negligence or sometimes it is completely out of your control. Whatever the reasons may be, you need to be extra careful at keeping your systems secured because not only does it have your customer’s insight but also has the employee‘s data which comprises of sensitive information you cannot put on a stake.

To make sure your data is not breached, the first thing you can do is avoid putting the personal information and details on the public domain. You can also minimize your risk of exposure to the criminals is by setting up burner email. Burner email is a dummy email that you can use when signing up for a site or a service. This way you will avoid giving out your personal or even official email addresses to the sites you don’t completely trust. The best part of this email account is that all the emails you will receive on it will be transferred to the original email address.

Before hopping on these solutions, you must make sure of your internet connection. It should be reliable; try avoiding using public internet. If you have a good connection as offered by Spectrum Packages, you may not even need to use a public internet at all.

Ransomware Security System

Another cybersecurity threat to afflict businesses is ransomware that encrypts the data of business and could only be unlocked in exchange for a huge sum of money. This issue came forward when cloud storage services were introduced. Business owners thought that the cloud was the most protected storage system as compared to the personal hard drives. For your system to have a secure data plan, what you can do is prepare multiple backups so that if your data is locked by ransomware, you can fetch the details from the other storage. You can use a portable hard drive for storing and securing data.

The bad news is, while we see the malicious software evolving, the security software is trying to cope with these threats on their part. This is the main reason why we need to keep updating our security plans. People often have this misconception that all antivirus software can fight the viruses and combat ransomware. They need to understand that ransomware requires a specific protection plan in order to get away with it. Interception X by Sophos is a good option to shield against ransomware. But before you do anything else, make sure your internet connection is safe and supports the 24/7 working of a protected system. We suggest you take Cox for bundle deals like Cox TV and internet deals bundled together would make a convenient package for you, your business or even for your family.

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