The small business guide to employee travel

You’re the person in your office appointed to book the travel arrangements for your colleagues. That means making sure their journey goes off without a hitch, finding them a hotel close to whatever meeting they’re attending and, if you’re extra-helpful, booking them a nice meal nearby.

But more than anything, you’ve got to keep costs low while still making the trip convenient.

It’s a balancing act between cost-cutting and comfort that only the finest HR staff can maintain. And if you can strike that balance, you can ensure that staff have an enjoyable and convenient journey without making your boss shell out for the Ritz.

To help make the journey selection process a little easier, we’ve put together this list of travel options for you. They’ll make booking a journey a cinch.

Research airport parking

If you’re booking a flight for your staff members, there are plenty of optional extras available to make the boarding process simpler.

Most convenient of all for business travellers is UK airport parking, which is low-priced, convenient and available at the majority of airports.

A large number of airport parking providers list the airports they service on their website, so take a look and price check.

Create acceptable limits

Handing over a company credit card to an employee is risky business – some will be incredibly straitlaced and responsible with the privilege, while others will leave the office with pound signs in their eyes.

To ensure they spend responsibly, make budgetary limits clear. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a fine meal but that they should bear in mind that it’s on the company’s dime, not theirs.

Find something quirky

Here’s one fact about business travellers – they’re sick to the back teeth of Travelodges and their ilk. Chain hotels serve a function but no one wants to be stuck in one for days on end.

Yet if you do some research, you could find your staff a hotel that’s unique to the local area, or else a little off the beaten track.

Maybe it’s an old country house with terrific views of the city. Perhaps it’s reputable for its excellent service or great breakfasts.

Either way, give it a punt if it’s the same price as a Travelodge. Your employees will thank you for it later.

Find city highlights

Your workers won’t be toiling away for the entirety of their business trip. They’ll have leisure time like anyone else – so why not help them make the most of their journey?

Find a selection of cultural highlights for the city or town your staff are visiting, and include locations central to their hotel. These recommendations will cost your company nothing, but will increase your staff’s estimation of your company.

Those are our tips for effective business travel. Are there any you think we’ve missed? Then let us know in the comments below.

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